Friday, April 22, 2011

Who cares?

Really.  Who gives a crap? 

They are people just like you and me.  Because someone decided some time ago that they are 'royalty' it makes their marriage so important?  And don't even start me on the money they are spending.  Aren't there better ways and people that those funds could go to?

I understand that the argument can be made that people are making such a fuss because of tradition, or even for the need of something light and happy in people's lives with all the scary and depressing things surrounding us.

I refute that argument with this:   Find the happiness in your OWN life.  It's there.  You have it.  Find it. 

Enjoy the sun.  Or even the moisture if that's your lot right now.

Enjoy your health.  Good or bad - if you're reading this, then you're alive.  Enjoy that.  Celebrate that.

Love and find happiness in your family.  Even if you are single with no children, you have parents or friends who are just LIKE family.  Hug them,  find happiness in them.

Be grateful for your job.  And if you are currently unemployed, find the positive in that you might have more time right now to spend with family, work on other projects or finish your education.

No matter our current lots in life there is happiness and joy to be found there.

This coming from one who is struggling right now beyond anything I ever imagined? 
Hypocritical much?

Nope.  Just finding something to be happy about and making some attitude adjustments.

But know this, I am not going to waste my time finding something pleasurable and happy across the pond. 
 I am ignoring that stupid waste of money and ridiculous amount of press coverage and instead finding my joy right here in my own house, in my own family with my own life.

Hope you will do the same!


Garden of Egan said...

What wedding?

I'm with ya. I have so many things on my plate right now, much of it more than I want to deal with.

I haven't watched the news for weeks.

I'm employed and I'm grateful.
My husband travels all the time, it's not fun, but he's employed.

Yes, you put things into perspective.
Thank you!

CountessLaurie said...

I agree with 99.99% of your post. It would be 100% except I am totally using it as an excuse to wear a tiara to work next Friday.


Merri Ann said...

Yes, exactly !!!! Good grief ... tho people are getting married and spending an obscene amount of money doing it. As someone who usually defends individual choice ... and the attitude of mind your own business, it's their money ... I find this whole thing ... ummm ... I can't think of a good word ... but a little disgusting.

I don't get what all the interest is about ... but I also don't get what all the interest in celebrties is about either.

Hope you all have a beautiful Easter weekend.

Cherie said...

I have to admit I am a fan - sorry.
I just really like this couple!
I am sure if they could have it their way they would probably sneak off somewhere and elope but their society demands for them to do this.
It is fun to see a sort of fairy tale!

DesertHen said...

It amazes me how wrapped up some people get in this stuff! I love your post! A good reminder to enjoy our lives as they embrace the good and the bad, to learn the lessons life is teaching us and to live, to laugh, to love!

Wishing you a Beautiful Easter with your family!

Sue said...

OMGOSH!!! I was going to do a post on this very thing.

Every time they mention the "WEDDING" on tv I change the channel.

They are 2 people in love, who want to get married, who happen to have money..

So what! Do I really need one more thing to compare my average life with.

You said it perfectly.. Guess I won't have to vent after all on my blog.

Amy said...

I sort of understand the allure of this but am completely uninterested. CNN talks about it WAY TOO MUCH. I agree that we do not need to a big fancy wedding across the pond to find happiness in our own lives. I struggle with it but there is always at least one thing each day to be grateful for and happy about.

Diaper Diva said...


tammy said...

Do you watch The Middle? This week's episode was about the wedding and it was so funny.

Pedaling said...

okay, I think I will find me a little happiness right here right now! :)

gigi said...

I don't care one drop!

Ann Marie said...

A- freaking MEN!!!!!!

Anastasia said...