Sunday, April 3, 2011

Battle Los Angeles - My Official Review

I first heard the buzz about this movie on Facebook from Corbin and his Marine buddies.  The reviews were mostly positive and I grew a little curious to see it.
Then Luke saw it and loved it.
Then I read her review.  I usually like what she likes.

So, when Splenda and I scheduled a date night - that is what I wanted to do.  A real, shoot em up action packed movie.  I didn't care about plot or story, I just wanted ACTION!

We were NOT disappointed.

Now usually, I am not a gal that cares for sci-fi.  It needs to have some measure of reality to a story for me to like it, but this was different.  Yes, it involved a war with aliens, and so belief had to be suspended for a bit, but because of the overwhelming story of the Marine's, I found myself so engaged that I literally was drawn in from the very beginning to the very end.

Was some of the dialogue a little contrived?  Absolutely.
Were the aliens totally unbelievable?  Most certainly.
Does Aaron Eckhart's voice drive me to want to spork my eyes out? More than anything.

But did I come out there LOVING the Marine's and prouder than crap that I am the mother of one?  Heck yeah!

I had to text Corbin right away and ask him about it.  Taking away the aliens and just focusing on the Marine's.  Their relationship with each other.  Their lingo (which was WAY toned down to make the PG-13 rating) - was it realistic?  His answer was absolutely yes.

There were times I found myself on the edge of my seat. 
Crying in fear and frustration for the peril of the characters.
Puffing my chest when I watched them act like Marine's.
Frankly, the whole movie is a recruiters dream.

I couldn't help but imagine my own son engaged in some of that warfare.  How would he do?  What would he be like?  I found myself fingering my Marine Mom dogtags and worrying so much for the characters on the screen.
Perhaps it's because it's a little more personal for us, but they did a great job of engaging us in the story.

The critics hated it.
I don't listen to critics.

Grandma Gypsie in her post pointed out the similarities with our own personal battles.  I too began to think along those lines.
Sometimes our battles are so difficult that it may seem like we are indeed fighting aliens. 
However, my two favorite lines from the movie will keep me going:

Marine's don't quit

Retreat ? -HELL!

Semper Fi!


Kristin said...

OooOOo! Sounds interesting, we'll have to give it a look'see!


tammy said...

I wasn't expecting to like it, mostly going to appease all the males in my family, but it had me from the start. Sure we could pick it apart and find a lot that was wrong, but the relationships those guys (and woman) had, their commitment, their bravery, that was what was worth watching.

Wonder Woman said...

I have heard from several people that this is a great movie. I'm glad you loved it!

Tom said...

I like this too. It's no Schlinders List, but I just went for the action and special effects. The marines were great.

Cherie said...

I love these kind of action packed movies so it is on my list!

Semper Fi!

tha malcontent said...

Great post Cat, and thanks for your support over at my blog.
Semper Fi!

Ann Marie said...

His voice makes you want to spork your eyes out.. hahahahahahaha!!!

I KNOW my husband will love this.. Actions... Aliens... looks like we need a date night!

CountessLaurie said...

WOW ... sporking. That IS serious!

tiburon said...

Alright! Alright! I will go and see it!!