Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Operation (Literally) Deviated Septum - Success (we hope) Part 3

First it was Corbin

Then Splenda Daddy

Now it was Tuffy's turn.  Last summer sometime, he went to a concert and during some sort of mosh pit, took a hard elbow to the nose.  Ever since then, he can't breathe well and is either congested or bleeding from his nose.  So, off to an ENT we went who confirmed that he has a deviated septum.  Crushed enough that it was blocking off  his right side, drying it all out and causing the bleeding.  Next thing we know, he's on the surgery schedule and given all the instructions.

Luckily his surgery time was early enough that he didn't need to be starving all morning and his cute gf 'Antana was there to comfort him and be a support.  Good thing since I was more in the mood to tease him and was offering no sympathy.  Thankfully Splenda stopped at the Target and got me a new camera so that ALL my pics didn't have to be crappy cell phone pics (ccpp).

Getting some help with the gown

Most def nervous.  It didn't help that I kept joking about hoping he wakes up from the anesthesia.  He's never been under before so I made a point of teasing.  I shouldn't have.  It came back to bite me.

After last minute instructions from the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, we were shown back to the waiting room and he was wheeled to the operating room.

It was now lunchtime so we headed to the hospital cafeteria for lunch.  ICK.  I've been in many a hospital cafeteria, and most are fairly decent.  This one was so unappealing that even the prices couldn't tempt Splenda Daddy.

So the girls went back to the waiting room and Splenda Daddy went to Arby's and brought back lunch.

While we waited, Splenda Daddy played around and figured out the camera

I worked

And cute 'tana tried not to have her picture taken.
See that fish tank in the background?  I was pretty sure there were no fish in there.  After 2 hours of waiting or so, I finally saw one.

Dr Katz (marvelous ENT by the way) finally came out and explained how the surgery went.  His septum was pretty crushed and there was still a lot of blood in his right side.  Other than that, he put in some splints and he was in the recovery.  When he was moved to a second recovery room they would come and get us.  He estimated in another 30 minutes or so.

Almost and HOUR AND A HALF later - we were called back.  Little nervous was I?  Um YEAH!
I was afraid that he really wasn't waking up and that all my stupid teasing had jinxed him!

Completely out of it.  Gone. Asleep in a way that most of us WISH for.

Problem was that when he would fall asleep, he would stop breathing and his oxygen saturation's would drop.  They had to hook him up to the oxygen.

He stirred enough to eat a cracker and take a pain pill and then back asleep.  About an hour later - he vomited. Which then kicked off some bleeding - so he got the cool 2x2 mustache

But notice no O2 mask?  Great except for when he fell back asleep and then his sats dropped again and it had to be put back on

Poor kid.  Just couldn't wake up.   He did a few more times and it was only long enough to vomit.  This time straight blood.    He had a lot of in his stomach which didn't help with his nausea.

Not gonna lie - I was a little freaked out.  By now, we are a couple more hours into this recovery phase and not a lot of signs of him waking up and being alert.  Certainly not sleeping without the oxygen.
Oh and did I mention that I am a sympathetic barfer?  Yeah..needed to step out of the room a lot.  Bless lil ole 'tana's heart - she was right there for him.

Finally into hour 5 of our sitting in the recovery room with him, he gets more alert.  The nausea is gone and he is just wanting to go home.

I asked his gf to spend the night (don't judge - like anything funny would happen), and she was kind enough to.  While he was upright in one of the recliner's, she sprawled on the other couch and made sure that he had everything he needed.

They weren't thrilled with a picture this morning, but hey, I gotta use my new camera right?

So here we are the day after surgery.  He feels like crap.  He can't breathe.  When he's not sleeping, he's in pain.  I'm sure he is wondering what the heck he got himself into.

I'm hoping once the splints get pulled out next week, that he'll see that this was worth it.  Until then, he is taking it easy, letting his gf take care of him and keeping his butt glued to the recliner.

At least we know now how he does with surgery and going under.  Not well.  We'll be prepared next time.  And Luke?  DON'T GO TO ANY MOSH PITS!  And that shotgun you just bought?  Make sure it kicks back into your shoulder dude and NOT your face!  I don't really want to go through this with one of my guys ever again.


Garden of Egan said...

Oh my heck! I can't believe you took pictures of all this.
I was going to call you to stand by my side when I have my (*&$&#_*%$*&&# and everything else "lifted".....but nevermind.
You'll mock me and post it and stuff.

Hope he gets feeling better's really in his best interest if he wants to survive without being posted on his mama's blog.

Mae Rae said...

I love the fact that you teased him. i would and have done the same thing. Gotta grow that extra layer of skin on those boys.

i am glad that he is doing better. i really really hope that the last one never has to do it.

tiburon said...

Seems like it was just yesterday Adam was having his done. Poor fella. I hope he heals quickly!

tammy said...

I've heard the recovery from that surgery is not fun. Poor guy. And poor you...I would've been freaking out too. I'm always scared I wouldn't wake up after the anesthesia, which is one of the reasons I haven't done a tummy tuck yet. Well and that recovery is pretty gross.

suz said...

Ugh! I had sinus surgery 16yeqrs ago this week. Worst medical procedure of my life. Yuck!

Bland's said...

Oh Poor Guy!!!
That is such an awful surgery..
I hope that he is doing better! :D

Ann Marie said...

Ya.. I am a sympathetic puker too.
Chad usually is in with the kids with that kind of stuff.

Poor Tuffy.
Hope he is better soon!!

wendy said...

I will ditto everything Tauna said. (so funny)
sounds like quite an ordeal to have to go through. That has to be some sah-weet medicine though to have gf available in his recovery process. I bet she is a great gal.
It is not fun at all to stand by and watch those we love have to go through ANY kind of surgery.

AS Amber said...

I need to have this surgery done. I dated a guy who had it done and freaking HATED it. Said he felt like he'd been hit in the face with a baseball bat. But after he recovered, he was more than glad he had it done.

My septum is so bad! I had an ENT look in there and ask how I can even breathe. And then he saw the other side and said it was WORSE!! I think I breathe just fine but maybe I just don't know how good it could really be??

How's his recovery going? Is he all better now? You're a good mama!

Cherie said...

I am just laughing that you took these pictures - My kids would have killed me for sure if put pics of them in surgery on my blog! Ha Ha
Love your hair btw!!

Also - Glad everything went well - stay out of the stinkin' Mosh Pit!

gigi said...

Remind me not to call you when I get sick! So glad things are better. I would have been a nervous wreck!!!!