Saturday, April 30, 2011

Boys will be Boys

Luke bought himself a shotgun a month or so ago and has really gotten into skeet shooting.  Today, Tuffy and Dave went out for some good ole' fashioned shooting of the clay pigeons!

Apparently Luke is a heck of a shot!

I hear Tuffy isn't too bad either!

And what did Splenda Daddy have to say?  My shoulders's sore.  He's even got the wounds to show it. 

What's missing?

Corb!  Although he is moving onto shotguns next week in school -  in addition to his PROMOTION (more on Marine Monday)

What else is missing?

The girls!

Since I know firing a shotgun will jack my shoulder and neck and no handgun to target shoot with yet, Chloee and I stayed home watching cartoons, doing laundry, playing cash register, singing the name song and (she) tormenting playing with Jack.

I also checked out gunsafes ( thanks JC), and started my Mother's Day gift list.

Pretty good Saturday morning if I say so myself!


Cherie said...

I'd rather watch cartoons then shoot a gun!! Ha Ha

Mother's Day Gift list? I like that idea :-D

And M I know secretly you are watching that Royal Wedding, yet again, with Chloee - snicker snicker.

Have A GREAT Saturday!

Garden of Egan said...

Nothing says love like a shotgun don't ya think?

I would rather have been hanging with you a Chloee anyway, I am pretty sure you are hilarious when doing the laundry and singing with Chloee.

Have an awesome weekend!

wendy said...

HA HA. LOVE IT Mothers Day gift list.
I kinda want to learn to shoot a rifle...just incase I see a bear, agressive moose, or slasher dude. You never know.
But, I'd have to say, "please stand where you are while I go get and load my gun"

gigi said...

I've got a big gun safe and it is big enough for my camera, laptop and the Sweethearts medication! Actually we have two gun safes. I'm a pistol packin mama with a redneck Sweetheart and gun crazy sons. They are all hunters and we do eat the meat.

tammy said...

My boys are DYING to get out shooting again before it gets too hot.

I think Luvpilot would like to get me a gun for Mother's Day, because nothing says "thanks for having my children", like a pistol.

Pedaling said...

all good things--and a nice Saturday...with no mention of the demon snow that we all woke up to....way to stay positive! :)

Carina said...

I look forward to you Mother's Day gift list every year! Can't wait!

Missy said...

We love Skeet Shooting!!!
Great photos!

suz said...

Fond memories. I was in your neck of the woods when I first learned to shoot!

Mrs. Organic said...

I didn't even think about the shotgun and the neck correlation - duh. I guess I won't be shooting that again.

Looks like a fun time.