Friday, April 15, 2011

Did you know?

Let's play a little game of Did You Know......  answers will be found in Sequential order at the bottom of the post.

Did you know that I found a funny new website?

Did you know that sometimes when I comment on other people's blogs I end up rambling on and on?

Did you know that having a female dog in heat and a male dog feeling his oats makes for miserable times at home?

Did you know that the more you watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the better you become at mocking eccentricities and the people who display them?

Did you know that Gene Wilder is GENIUS in that role? 

Did you know that skipping a workout the day before a race can be extremely therapeutic?

Did you know that  legal matters can be very drawn out and take a lot of money and time?

Did you know that the ruling in one hearing regarding something temporary does not mean victory?

Did you know that the laws regarding children are specific in that harm has to happen to the child FIRST before anyone can take action?

Did you know that it's tax day and I have no idea if Splenda Daddy has filed our taxes?

Did you know that I don't even know how much I make a year?

Did you know that a dog in heat has about as much patience as a woman on her period?

Did you know that male dogs have as little capacity to understand that fact as do male humans?

Did you know that I can watch  back to back to back to back episodes of  House and not get tired of it?

Did you know that I just spent over two full minutes looking for my phone because I heard a phone vibrating, thought it was mine and it really was House's on TV?

Did you know that I should be carb loading today?

Did you know that I am going to have to find a way to get Splenda Daddy to bringing home Francesco's for dinner?

Did you know that it may or may not involve the GB?

How did you fare on the answers? 

Yes I did.  Click here to check them out and then you sure as hell better come back.  They are even more funny if you happen to be Mormon.  Which I am. But I still swear.  Sue me.

True.  Check the comments section on the above website on the post about the general conference talk.  I was on a roll.

How many times do I have to say "GET OFF HER!"  Thankfully snip snip and removing of the uterus will be happening next week.

So far I am not tired of that show and yes, I am now good better at mocking.  Including myself.

I haven't seen Johnny Depp, but really, who can top Gene Wilder in that role? 

That's my story and I am sticking to it!

Yes, but when the cause at hand is as important as it is, time and money are of no concern.

Round two wheels are already in motion. 

I find this fact absolutely pathetic.  I'm not discussing my own situation since round two is in motion, but take for example, the  6 year old patted down at the airport.  The damage has been done.  NOW, someone is screaming about it and trying to instill changes, but the damage had to happen first.  I find this absolutely mind boggling and there is something seriously wrong with some of our laws regarding the well being of children.

Since I haven't signed anything, I am guessing he hasn't done them yet.  And considering that we pay out our arses, I would guess that he's waiting until midnight to post them.

Really, I don't.  I know.  Pathetic.  I usually know once a year when I see my increase.  But then I forget all about it.

Absolute truth.  Jack is on Jordan's VERY.LAST.NERVE.

And no, he doesn't get it.  Just like much of the male human population.  You would think after hundreds of years of women menstruating and all mood issues that come with it, the male gender would catch on.  What does this say about the aptitude of the male gender?  Let's leave that one alone.  Lucky Splenda, I no longer menstruate.  TMI?

I've watched nothing but House today.  Nope, not sick of it yet.

Yes.  Yes, I did just hunt for my cell phone for over two full minutes thinking it was going off just to discover it was really Houses' on TV.  I should go back to sleep.

One should ALWAYS carbload before a race.  My standard is pasta.  I never go wrong with pasta.

Francesco's will be the only acceptable option tonight.  That's the simple fact.

And yes, if it takes the GB to convince him, then so be it.  However, I have a feeling it's not gonna come to that.

So, learn anything new?

I doubt it - you are all much smarter than I am

Happy Friday!


tammy said...

I wish I needed to carb load today. Or any day. Carbs are yummy.

We love love House. And Luvpilot can pull off a grumpy face that looks just like him. It's hilarious.

I just found that website too!

I think there is a reason I am surrounded by males - people and dogs.

tammy said...

Oh and I forgot - Gene Wilder is quite brilliant in that movie, I agree!

tiburon said...

Oddly enough, I knew all the answers to all these questions.

Vanessa said...

Me no likey 7, 8 & 9. :(

suz said...

Gene Wilder is a genius in ANY movie!

Sandra said...

I find everytime I watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I get a mad craving to melt chocolate in the bathtub and dive in.
This is a great post idea!

Wife Of A Salesman said...

I don't actually know what gb is, and because it was expressed in abbreviated form I am not sure if I want to know.

wendy said...

do you know I have NEVER watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory..and I have NEVER watched House.
Did you know I just sat and ate a whole bowl of super butter soaked and highly salted popcorn.
hope the dog thing gets straightened out.
(yikes, did that even sound right?)

Diaper Diva said...

Charlie and The Chocolate factory is a family fave. I have seen both and I like the original better.
Laws in Az similar. I hate that damage must occur in anyones life in order for them to be protected.

Missy said...

I learned a lot of new things!!!
Great post!!