Friday, April 8, 2011

My new camera and the random shots we take with it

I lost my camera a few weeks ago.  I remember putting it in the bag with the cord, and then I can't remember what happened after that.  It just makes me sick to my stomach.  Not just the fact that I loved that camera, but all the pictures I had on my memory card.  GAH!!!

Splenda Daddy being the Splenda Daddy that he is took care of it for me this week and delivered a new one to me while I was waiting for Tuffy in surgery.

A sample of some of the random pics we've been taking.
Splenda's first snap - do I always look so intense or just when I am concentraing on work?

The weird rash the nurse told us to take so that we could monitor it if it got worse

The traditional self-portrait.  What is up with my hair?  Little high on my right side eh?

Bathtime - Chloee actually asked if I would take a picture.  And no she did not pee in the tub - it's those fun bath colors

After she has applied several layers of her "lipstick"

And passed out cold on the way home from the candy factory - with massive amounts of lipstick

Trying to fly her ladybug kite!

Just can't get it up and going but she was having fun anyway!

Really Splenda -why?  I look like crapola!

Jack on the other hand does NOT look like crapola
He is so dang cute and so fun.  We have all agreed that he is Kasey incarnate.  Same quirks, same mannerisms and they weren't even the same breed of dog!  But dang, we love him!  And Jordan hasn't been this happy since Kasey.

Chloee and I cooking some super spectacular soup tonight in our special aprons.
Thank you to my diva Lisa for mine and to Auntie Evil Genius for Chloee's - the sharks are the perfect thing for her!

So yeah, loving my new Cannon Power Shot A43300 IS
Nothing fancy.  Small and easy to carry, but takes decent pictures and it's all I need.


" Hit It......." said...

I am glad you got a new camera. I am also glad you clarified the color of that water. Let's do lunch next week.

Kristin said...

So much fun to have a new camera - love the pix! my favorite is the kitchen and apron shots - you look like you're cookin' up a storm :)


gigi said...

I really love random! That sleeping lipstick Chloee is just priceless! Yay for a new camera!

Mamafamilias said...

It's a smart man who picks out a Canon camera.

Love the sleeping in the carseat picture. I've never figured out why they don't wake up with a serious neck problem when they sleep in those things.

tammy said...

Gotta love that Splenda. He really takes care of you.

Seeing Chloee passed out with her lipstick like that reminds me of my earlier, wilder years. Let's not revisit that.

You really did cook soup.

Sue said...

I bet your camera shows up!. Great pictures though with your new one.

Love the lipstick pic, and the aprons.

Garden of Egan said...

You are the best GRANDMIMI EVER!
Looks like Chloee is going to be a movie star with all that lipstick.

What a fun age!

Your camera rocks.

LKP said...

beauty shots. you're right. sometimes that's all we need. when i have those days when luggin' my big girl camera all over hades feels to overwhelming of an idea, i just snag my nikon coolpix and away we go! and lately i've been storing it in the console of my car so i've always got it. :) has worked out nicely.

p.s. i LOVE the ladybug kite pics.

p.p.s. i LOVE the aprons!


CountessLaurie said...

great pics. i am sure your camera will turn up now that you have a new one :-)

carma said...

you look good in 99% of your pics - I'm jealous :-(