Friday, October 22, 2010

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

"Don't talk to me about Tiger Woods representing the U.S.  You might as well have sent Bill Clinton"

"No honey, that's Nancy Reagan.  Betty Ford never said, 'Just say no'.  That was her problem.

"Icy/Hot Bengay rubbers"

" you like telling people that you sleep with the Bishop?"

"Did you just say 'Go to heck?'"

I wish I had known there was whip cream, it wouldn't have made sleeping with Wendy and Gigi a whole lot more interesting.

Even if it were once in a lifetime, that would be once in a lifetime too many for me.

I expressed happiness and joy for you then - watch, now I am again.  Happy.  Joy.

Craftily Ever After.

Me:  "Say it again.  SAY IT!"
Shark:  You were right.
Me:  "Say it again"
Shark:  "You were RIGHT, I was WRONG!"
(best day ever)


Ann Marie said...

hahahahahaaa... I KNOW a few of those.. because I heard them! :)

Happy weekend my fun friend. :)

Ann Marie said...

~ And I was first! Woot!!! :)

CountessLaurie said...

Too funny!!! You should have made Shark say it in Darth Vader's voice "you were riiiiigggghhhhht."

Much more dramatic that way.

I love the happy and joy. Here it is again. Happy. Joy. hee hee hee.

Sue said...

Did you say Icey/Hot bengay rubbers?


Missy said...

Love the Tiger Woods!!!! Too funny!

wendy said...

Oh My heck...who's sleeping with the Bishop??

and Are You Nuts....of course whipped cream would have made the "sleep over" more fun.
Or possibly grated cheese..........

and yes, YOU ARE RIGHT

tammy said...

ha ha!!! I cannot wait to ask the bishop's wife that question.

Mae Rae said...

bwaa ha ha...too funny.

i am sure that you were right on other occasions too...but rubbing it in is always more satisfactory.

carma said...

call me intrigued with the whipped cream comment :D

tiburon said...

I never said that.

Prove it.