Friday, October 15, 2010

Best Overnighter at a Cabin EVER!!

Okay - yippee!  I got some pics (okay more like stole some) and I just can't hold back any longer!

Why do I blog?
Because it's my journal, I enjoy it, it keeps my family up to date and I just so happen to have made some VERY fine friends out of the whole deal.  Who knew??

Cherie organized this little shin-dig many, many months ago, and I was quick to jump in.  Why?  I love people!  I love to meet, talk, share, and have a good time.  She's also one of my fav bloggers and I kind of was a little star struck when I got the invite!  She's practically famous ya know.  Her and her little yellow car.  They get around.

Anywhoodle, I originally was going to spend both nights but in the meantime, a special YW activity got planned and I felt like I needed to be with them.  Torn.  New friends?  My YW?  Compromise was made, I drove up for one evening and came home the next morning.  Sure it was a quick trip but worth every blessed minute!

So who are the cast of characters?






Mo -nica




and of course in spirit or rather paper.....



I will admit, I was (if you can imagine) a little intimidated.  It seemed like everyone already knew everyone else, and I was a newcomer.  Sure, I had been reading their blogs, some emails back and forth with a few of them, you know.....that kind of computer communication, but it seemed that most everyone else had met each other at least once.  Some of the women, I had just STARTED to follow their blogs so I was not up to speed on who was who, and what was going on in their lives.

WELL - let me just say, those feelings quickly disappeared.  These women are WONDERFUL!  So welcoming.  So kind.  So nice.  So warm!  Before  I knew it, we were lounging around waiting for a few others to arrive for dinner, while talking a mile a minute, laughing, and me even sharing some things that I don't share with very many people.  That is just how safe I felt with them. 

It also happened to be Cherie's birthday, and the lame-o that I am totally FORGOT!  But thankfully, Ann had my back and we all were a part of honoring her!

What a treat it is to be with women that you only knew through your computer but now that you sit in real life with them, feel like old friends.  I could be my crass self  (and believe it or not - I was holding back some), and still felt like I was included.
I could listen to their stories and sympathize knowing that I had been there or had felt similar feelings.   I could laugh with them at myself.  I was astounded that I spent nearly 24 hours with 9 other women, and NOT ONCE did gossip rear it's ugly head. 

Amazing women they are.  And while they tease me that I taught them a few new things that night (crafting, brazil, batshit crazy, 70's natch) the truth is, I have much to learn from them!

And now, a plethora  of pictures!

Despite the dead looking trees, I was still excited to be up the canyon

The lake was beautiful, even though the sky was raining and gray, you could still see the blue.  It reminded me of trips to my Mom's when she and my sisters lived in Paris, ID for several years.

l - r Kimmie's arms folded, Ann, Monica, Cherie, and Brittany

It was Cherie's birthday - look at those CANDLES!  Serio - girl! And I can only say this because you are older than me.  And always will be!  hehe

But even better - check out that cake!  Heather made that!! And not only was it cute, but it tasted delish!  I loved it, even though it was Halloweenish and all

Blow Cherie BLOW!

The traditional BIG LIPS picture.  I brought these home and Sissy thought they were the coolest thing EVER!

Not the most flattering picture.  I'm gonna have to re-think my position on the 'bait and switch" bra.  I think it adds weight......

Seeing how I have met Wendy before and actually taught her all about Brazil, I felt totally comfortable sleeping with her.  Allegedly - Gigi joined us later that night!  I knew I was feeling great the next morning for a reason!!

Me and Keely - who's diet coke is that in front of us anyway?
I love this girl - my sistah from another mistah!  And apparently my Marine recruit digs her just as much as I do!! 

Me and cute Heather.  We were assigned to cook breakfast together Saturday morning.  She had the great idea of homemade waffles.  I'm all like....what the crap did you say?  HOMEMADE?  That is a freaking swear word.  But bless her heart, she was very patient with me and even showed me how to whip egg whites!  Love me some Heather!
And I appreciate no one laughing (at least to my face) about my microwave bacon! 

Wendy this is for you.  See that cheesey lasagne?  You know how I feel about that - so I was attempting to shovel a huge portion in your mouth, but the paper just wasn't cutting it!

And oh, my lovah Tauna!  From the minute we started reading each other's blogs - I knew that she "got" me!

And the brains behind all the magic!  Cherie!  Love her, love her, love her!  I wouldn't have met so many cool and awesome ladies if she hadn't put it all together!

Our banister pics being silly
l-r  Ann, Monica, Heather, Keeley's fine backside, Kimmie, Cherie, Tauna and me.

Brittany, Cherie, Monica, Heather, Ann, Keeley, Tauna, me

all right - who's the wise guy?  Tauna????  Cherie????

And who was missing all morning before I left?  Katie!  I guess when you are young and spry like her, you can stay up all hours of the night and sleep till the afternoon!  I not only missed saying goodbye to her, but apparently I missed her mad longboarding skillz!  And if she were to come to UT and, oh I don't know, accidentally fell in love with Luka, I would TOTALLY be okay with that!

I was spoiled BEYOND anything.
Chocolates and a movie from Keeley
Vintage glassware from AnnMarie,
Skittles that somehow showed up in my bag in the morning from Keeley
Homemade salsa and hand dipped chocolates from Tauna
A mouse pad and notebook, cute Halloween dish and spicy pretzels from Cherei
Cute Halloween banner from Monica

I can't even tell you how much I loved the overnighter I had.  Meeting some fantastic ladies that while we each have a unique story and background, seem to come together like sisters.  I only wish I could have stayed all weekend!!

Love you girls!

**and for more pictures and better reviews than I can give - go visit these girls.  You'll sure to fall in love just like I have!**


Cherie said...

Now that I know your (clearing my throat) "feelings" about fall and Halloween - I look at these pictures and wonder how you made it through - Ha Ha You Rock!!! We'll have to do the next one in the summer!

SO SO SOOOOO Glad you were able to come even for one night. I was super excited to meet you, a little nervous because, well, I've had you on a little pedestal for awhile with all your cool talk and running.

You are seriously so fun and an awesome person! Love your guts!!

LKP said...

ok, i love your guts too....AND your microwave bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!
no lie. i can't stand when bacon's not totally cooked & crisp. so, nothing says 'done' like a microwave.

and yeah, i'm thinking that was totally cherie's bunny ears behind your head. lol. what a kick she is. but in the goofy pic with my stink-bug behind, i'm soooo wondering what you're doing with your hands, especially considering that awesome expression on your face! so rad.
if i could bottle your personality & expressions (both facial & verbal), and then sell it, yeah i'd be freaking rich!!! you are so much fun to be around.

thanks for being you, and letting us love ya. ::hugs::

did i mention there was a letter from your son on my desk when i got home? i need to sit down & write him. he sounds so upbeat in this weeks letter. must get it from his hawt momma!

Ann Marie said...

Homemade is a swear word.... ha-ha.. oh girl.. you always continue to amaze me with your awesomeness..

I LOVED reading your version of the weekend..
I knew all girls IRL but 3 that came up.. and I still was so nervous I thought I was going to have Diahrea!
I agree with your sentiments.. it was sooo comfortable!
I love that we are all so different.. yet we all came together like sisters. :)

Hope to see you some Wednesday morning.. :)

PS: Thanks for teaching us all about "crafting" and bat$#&*.

Once again.. you are awesomeness.

Katie said...

You are one rad lady I have to say... i was SOOOOOOO incredibly bummed when i woke up(at 1 tehe) only to find you gone!

just means i'll have to visit!

love katie

wendy said...

I have read of this Magical Weekend several times now, and I am still pouting that I couldn't be there....IN REAL.
I am so much more awesome in REAL

btw...I am coming to Utah for Thanksgiving. I am wondering if we can do a "hook up".....
I could host a little shin dig at my daughters house if there was a time you gals could drop by for a visit.
what do ya think?

Mae Rae said...

Super fun looking time.

tammy said...

You are so brave to go where there is crafting.

Sue said...

looks like you had some major fun...
feeling left out..Boo for me

gigi said...

Wonderful post! I loved each one of you ladies different takes and pictures of our wonderful weekend. Thanks for letting me sleep with ya cause you are so haute!!

Heather said...

You just radiate love. For everyone. I think that's one of the best qualities a person can possess.

Heather said...

You are too much fun! I love you! I seriously want to get together more! I have your email! I enjoyed cooking breakfast with you! I am glad we did!

Just to let you know I only knew Ann, Monica and Cherie. And I have known Ann and Moncia for 11 years. So I felt the same way you did! I didn't know anyone!

tiburon said...

I am not jealous.