Saturday, October 23, 2010

I have the BEST friends........ part 1

Serio man, I am blessed with fantastic friends!  One's who know JUST the right thing for JUST the right time.

Friday after work, I came home to an empty house and was hurrying to straighten up before Hurricane Sissy hit.

As I walked into my bedroom there lay a box with my name on it?  Wha?  A package for me?

I looked at the return address and saw that it was from Tammy over at Time Flies.  One of my most favorite people in the whole world.  I knew it was gonna be something fun!

I ripped the box open and the minute I could see what was inside, I started laughing hysterically!

She is the QUEEN of all things decorating.  She is the master, the guru, the ultimate CHAMPION of decorating.  Me?  meh - not so much

A funny Halloween card, a cute spider plate, a banner, dishtowels, table cover, the Bite Me napkins, and the HUGE bag of skittles.
Let's just say, there was more decor in that little box, than in my already sorry lot of Halloween decorations all put together.

The card?
Inside she had written:
"for some reason I have the feeling that your house may be Halloween decor deprived., so I thought I'd help you out a little (and believe me, if I was in town, I'd be decorating it in person!)

I think she must have gotten the idea from this post

Today, after our regular Saturday cleaning I decided to put these fun Halloween treats to work.

The Bite Me napkins are in the napkin holder - but everyone has strict instructions NOT TO TOUCH THEM!
and the cute spider plate is holding keys that normally just get thrown very haphazardly on the table somewhere.

The dishtowels are hanging very cutely from the oven handle.  Again - the instructions of DO NOT TOUCH THEM have been given

The banner fit perfectly across my mantle and hung quite nicely.

and the table cover fit perfectly over my coffee table and added some great color to my living room.

Gosh Tammy - thank you SO MUCH!!

You've helped me step up a rung on the ladder of decorating......  : )



Mae Rae said...

great friends come from being a great friend! You must have the greatest ever! love you tons!

Cheeseboy said...

Just looking at Tammy's blog the other day thinking about how much she is into Halloween. She is great, isn't she?

" Hit It......." said...

After reading your post weeks ago about fall; I now think of you whenever I take a cool fall picture.

I might have to send Tammy a thank you note from me to her! I LOVE FALL. Do you need anymore decorations? I have plenty to spare.

tammy said...

Well you really didn't think I was going to be able to resist after your post about your undying love for all things Halloween, did you?? It is my goal in life to make sure no one goes without Halloween decor.

Pedaling said...

I couldn't think of a better interior decorator to help you in jump-starting your Halloween decor collection.


She is so-O cool, and a fabulous decorater. love all the festive garb.

Vanessa said...

That Tammy, she's a keeper!

Ann Marie said...

Yay for happy mail and good friends!

Laughed that you don't want the napkins used... :)

~ And I ADORE your mantle!
Kinda Jealous... just sayin...

Cherie said...

Well after "THAT" post I am totally loving this! I love that M has Fall/Halloween decor in da house baby!!
Tammy IS super great with the decor!!

carma said...

Look at your place all decked out - the mantel looks fabulous -- perhaps it's time to dig out my three decorations.

Martha H. said...

I heart that Tammy!

CountessLaurie said...

Hurray! A little Halloween spirit!!

tiburon said...

Well played Tammy. Well played!

Everything looks fab!!

Missy said...

That is so sweet! It is great to have friends like Tammy!

Sue said...

Tammy....You did yourself perfect♥

Plain Jame said...

SCORE! That looks favulusss dahling!