Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling - Thursday Edition

Got a free box of Dots today from the Health Benefits people.  Discovered that I have to sort and eat those by color too.  And for the record, they aren't that great.  Certainly not worth the 220 calories I wasted.
And I'll be picking at them in my teeth with my tongue for the rest of the afternoon.

I can't wait until Monday.  That means Halloween will be over with and all the silliness can end.  You've already told me how weird I am, so you can just let it go now.

I'm going to try a detox bath tonight.  My friend at work did it and lost 1.2 lbs overnight.  I am convinced it's going to purge my skin of all the toxins the season is depositing in it.  (And yet another reason to NOT dig fall)

I have found a new political blog I like to read.  Malcontent.  Be advised, it's very conservative and most def leans to the right, but the writer usually seems to say exactly what I am thinking.  I guess that means I am conservative and lean to the right. 
Which is funny, because when my massage/structural therapist had me stand and look at my posture in the mirror, I was definitely leaning to the left.  So strange.

Speaking of my massage/structural therapist.  I am digging this guy.  He's old enough to be my dad, but he's good and works with other runners from my gym.  He's a sweet, nice little lamb that makes my muscles feel much better.

No running now for almost 4 weeks.  I think it's getting better.  I have cheated and done a little with some stairs and realized that I need to completely stop in order for my tibia to get better.  Life now consists of:
Cycle, Swim, Cycle, Swim, Weights, Cycle.  Repeat it all again the next week.
'sokay since I WILL BE ready to run on Thanksgiving day.  Turkey Trot is planned.

Got a letter from 'dawg that he wrote on Sunday.  Said that they were told they earned a phone call home, and for me to make sure I had my phone on.
It's Thursday - no call.  I am hoping some young recruit punk didn't screw up and ruin it for the whole platoon.    I hope that I get to post about a phone call by next Monday.  Or at least another letter.

We have snow.  It's cold.  I hate it.  And that's all I have to say about that.

I'm puppy hungry and will begin looking in earnest for a companion for Jordan after we get back from San Diego.  Prolly another Schnauz.     Can't wait!

Sissy is starting pre-school next week.  I am so happy and excited for her!  She will love it and it will provide some structure and learning opportunities that will be good for her.  I can't believe it.  Sometimes it seems like just last month that she was born and other times, it feels like it has been a long, hard 3 + years for our family.

I am digging the NBC Thursday night line up and regardless what everyone else thinks, I am finding this season of The Office just as funny as ever!  I'll be sad to see Michael go.  

I can't believe how badly Dots get stuck in your teeth.  Boo........


Missy said...

I love Malcontent! He is not for the Weak! LOL
I am struggling with Starburst in my teeth this afternoon!
Sissy will LOVE preschool...

Mrs. Organic said...

I hate this cold too. The thing I have to sort and eat by color are M&Ms. After I sort them, I have to even out the colors (eat them until there are the same amount of each) and then I either eat one of each color or eat them by color. I have no idea why I do this, except that I feel all sorts of wrongish if I don't.

And I will be happy for Halloween to be over, it seriously bugs.

Pedaling said...

hey, it's gorgeous outside today!
Malcontent rocks it!
When I detoxed the toxins came out of my butt---we are talking major detox!

M-Cat said...

I realized I didn't link to Malcontent. Problem fixed.

gigi said...

I HATE DOTS!! What a waste of sugar!
I'll check out your Malcontent. I lean way to the right.
I also had a great massage today!!!! I so didn't want to get up and come home and cook supper, but I did :{
I know Sissy will love school and you will be able to see a big difference in her really soon.
Did I tell you that I hate Halloween? Well, I do!

tammy said...

Love The Malcontent. He usually says what I am thinking too. And the lefty loons really hate him so that makes me love him even more.

Please share the recipe for the detox bath. I could stand to lose another pound or two. Or ten.

I also think The Office is funny this season. Much better than last season. I will miss Michael too. Boo for him leaving.

Preschool is the best. Sometimes I miss teaching it.

LKP said...

lol, k two things:

1st-i need to know more about this detox bath! i looked at myself in the mirror last night & then again this morning, which confirmed it: halloween festivities are CANCELED in my book. i swear it feels like i'm 4 sizes bigger than i was last week when i tugged my leggings & leg warmers on for my penelope pussycat costume. as for this week? it's a flat-out no-go! so please educate my detox-desperate brain, a-thank you.

2nd-you probably physically lean so far to the left so that it balances out your far-right leaning internally. makes logical sense to me. lol. (0:

(p.s. fingers crossed that they've remained good enough to make those calls soon!)

" Hit It......." said...

Let me know how the clense goes. I need one too. All these kid activities and no exercise; I feel bigger.

Amy said...

Please share the detox bath how-to. I could use some detoxifying.

I like to decorate for Halloween but I can really take it or leave it - not my fave holiday.

Dots aren't worth the effort of chewing and then trying to scrape the goop off your teeth. I'd rather have chocolate. YUM!

CountessLaurie said...

I'm glad you got your phone call. You have my complete and heartfelt sympanthy about the snow. BLECH! I am ordering Mother Nature to send you mild spring like weather all winter. STAT.