Monday, October 25, 2010

I love


For some reason, I don't know if it was the Primary program yesterday, the disturbing book I just finished or just the extra time we had with Sis this weekend, but my heart is literally exploding with love for all children, but in particular my Sissy.

Her smile, her eyes, her laugh, her voice.

I love that she is her own person.  She marches to the beat of her own drum.

I love that she reminds me so much of my son when he was younger in so many ways, but in many others she is clearly like her mother.

I love that she is a happy soul - despite her grinding her teeth at night.

I love that she tries hard to work on saying her 'L's.
"I Love you Mimi"

I love her "eyeball" kisses.

I love that she likes plodding around in her gossie boots.

I love that she loves candy.

I love that she adores her uncles, and they in turn love her to pieces.  She has the key to their hearts and I love that!

I love that she knows where her daddy is
"He's at da Marine's!"

I love that she digs spiders and snakes. 

I love that she names them Snakey and Mr Spider.

I love that she feeds them her fruit snack pieces first, and then eats them herself.

I love to listen to her play pretend.

I love that she has to listen to the same 'Lion King' song over and over and over again in the car.

I love that she eats cheese and bacon sandwiches.  She would eat bacon all day long.

I love that she talks/sings herself to sleep.

I love that she takes Snakey for a walk using Jordan's leash. 

I love that she will take anything or anyone who will let her, for a walk on Jordan's leash.

I love snuggling in bed at night and talking about our day.

I love her scooting in close throwing her arm around me and feeling her soft breath on my cheeks.

I love her snores.

I love watching her wake up and smile.

I love doing shadow puppets with her on the ceiling from my reading light.

I love when she asks me questions and believes me when I answer.

I love when she says,
"Mimi - I love you so much!  You're my best friend"
Poppa - I love you.....................sometimes."

I love having the knowledge that it is a HUGE blessing and tender mercy from God that she is a part of our lives.  I am humbled to be her Mimi.  It's a privilege to have her in our family.  Sometimes, I feel completely unworthy of her and her sweet goodness.

I love her.


" Hit It......." said...

I just teared up. The grand children steal your heart; don't they?

I love that she says,""He's at da Marine's!"

You are truly blessed!

Cherie said...

She is so darn cute - and I love the boots!
It is great that you wrote all of those sweet things - those are the things that will be fun to remember when she is older.
You ARE blessed :-D

Missy said...

Crying! Again! This is a perfect post!

Sue said...

That last picture is a killer..She is so darn cute.

There is nothin like g-kids to make you feel blessed and ever so happy♥

Sissy is lucky to have you

Tom said...

Little kids are awesome. I need to be more like them.

Mae Rae said...

Here is a shocker for you!

You made me cry.

wendy said...

and I love HOW you love her.

this post made me a little teary cause It had me thinking of MY grandkids who I LOVE SO MUCH too
and MISS
and want to HOLD and PLAY WITH
and can't wait to see
and pray for

every little child should be loved so much

gigi said...

You remind me of me :)

I have two sons and now I have two GRAND-daughters!!!(2 DIL's too) The difference is so wonderfully awesome! Our oldest GRAND-girl is 5 and she is so much like her daddy and a lot like me and I LOVE THAT! And she could eat a pound of bacon in one sitting if we would let her! She is such the fun drama queen that she keeps us in stitches!!!

Lucky you! Lucky her!

Martha H. said...

That was such a sweet post.

Love the pics!

Uptown Girl said...

she is ADORABLE!
I may get my face painted for halloween in an attempt to look somewhat adorable myself.

I just really do love her whiskers in the pic!

tammy said...

There really is nothing better than sweet, innocent children. I love our babies!

CountessLaurie said...

The little ones are so awesome. They are just pure, unadultered love. No ulterior motives yet, they just say what they think. They don't question it. Nothing better than snuggles.

Poor Poppa tho... he only gets the lovins sometimes :-)

carma said...

Beautiful post. She is precious and will thrive with all the love she gets :-)

linda said...

What a lucky Sissy to be shown so much love!

I love that she thinks her Mimi is her best friend!

Pedaling said...

many precious things to love!

Plain Jame said...

OOowh, she is dang adorable. I swear I saw her last night at Winco, but it wasn't with splenda. Some other dude so maybe it was a look-alike. She has a bright future with all the people that love her so much!

LKP said...

my daisy used to grind her little teeth too. its actually quite normal when there are still baby teeth in there. (not that you asked, but the dental assistant in me felt compelled to tell ya, lol.)

got a letter the other day from your son, and he was so sweet in mentioning how excited that it's only a matter of a few weeks before she & he are reunited! he's a good dad, who's been blessed with a splendid little girl, and a loving family. all ya'll rock! plain and simple. (:

have a great week, hopefully it includes snuggling a certain little somebody in an uber cute halloween costume!

tiburon said...

GOSH! What is with all these tender posts? Are you going soft on me?

Question: Do you love it when she pees on you in the middle of the night?