Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Wet's do dat again!"

Friday was Splenda's annual work party at Lagoon.  Nature's Sunshine Products never fails to supply us with an excuse to go to Lagoon at least once a year.  Been doing it now for what? 15 years?  Something like that.

With the boys it was fun.  The water park, the rides....we did it all.  They got older, starting bring friends, and slowly it became just me and Splenda.  Not so much fun.  Especially since as we get older, the rides just aren't that much great..  More like sick provoking.  I can't even WATCH the twirling rides or I want to toss my cookies.

Last year Splenda was with the scouts and missed the entire party.  I took Sissy, and we kept it pretty mild.  She was little and so we did a few of the little kiddie rides.

This year, even though it wasn't our weekend with her, her Mom graciously let us take her anyway.  Before we left, Splenda measured her height (36"), and we set off to do some FUN rides.  At least them anyway, I am happy to watch the stroller, take pictures and mock strangers passing by.

We hit the ground running and as we entered the park, she looked around at all the big rides and told us she wanted to do every one of them.  Each one we passed, she wanted to do.  Many times, we had to tell her that she wasn't tall enough.  Her response?  "I AM taww enough!"

She was a good sport though, and even was fairly patient waiting in the lines for her turns.  When she got hot and hungry she got a little grouchy, but that was easily fixed.

Our Lagoon day in pictures:

Heading off to the first ride of the day  - the Scrambler

She looks too little to be riding that!

Around and around.  And the start of my nausea that lingered for the rest of the day.  Turn away - no more watching!

Poppa showing how the next ride will work - prepping for fun

The Flying Aces!  She loved them.  As they went around, she yelled to me, "Mimi - I'm fwying!"

Riding the Lady Bud (something) - similar to the Rocket but on a much smaller scale.  I can do this one.

Waiting in line for the kiddie coaster.  Yes I let her climb and stand on the fence, but notice my arm is RIGHT THERE PROTECTING HER!  Sheesh - had to find ways to keep her entertained while waiting.

On the roller coaster.  One of her favorites

On another twirling ride....oy vay - Poppa is gonna need to start taking the pictures!

On the train.  She was pretty hot, flushed and cranky - we needed a cool down ride.  As the train started to move, she said, "Go faster!"  For the record, the train ride takes you on a tour of their animals.  Note to Lagoon:  You are NOT a zoo.  The animals appear miserable!  Get them to Hogle and go about your business of being an amusement park.  (rant over)

The Skyride.  I walked the stroller and met them at the other end of the park.

I'm glad Poppa was the one to take her and hold her safe.  I was too nervous.

The Paratroopers. Yet another spinning ride.  Poppa is a stud.  Mimi is just plain weak sauce.

At this point, we headed over to the reserved pavilion for dinner.  NSP provides a nice bite to eat and then a drawing for prizes.  You have to be present to win.  So after chowing down, Sissy and I took off for more rides, while Splenda stayed behind to see if he got lucky this year.  No, he did not.  It was affirmed that we ARE losers!

Waiting for the Dinosaur drop (same thing as the Ladybug - she likes Dinosaurs better)

Another spinning ride, but luckily - Mimi was too big.  She did enjoy her little passenger

And then she was drawn to the fountains and kids like a moth to a flame.  I had packed an extra pair of clothes so off into the water she went.

Pure joy

Kids and water.  They go together like peas and carrots eh?

Next up the kiddie swings.  Poppa is gonna photograph these......

Still spinning

I am digging those cowgirl boots!  She told us that they were hers and that they were "speshal"

Checking out the stranger next to her on the big boat, The Tidal Wave!

We next headed to Pioneer Village and for our traditional Old Time photo.  My family room wall is covered in all our photos from the many years.  It's fun to now add her into them.  I was worried that she wouldn't let us dress her up, but we talked about it first, she watched me and then she really got into it and had fun!

The final product?

Cute no?  We usually do serious faces, but those poses didn't have her looking at the camera.  I love her eyes and her smile!

After an ice cream cone, and two more rides (repeat of her favorites) we called it a night.  She could have kept going and going, but her old Mimi and Poppa just couldn't pull it off.

My favorite thing of the whole evening?
This video.  I think it epitomizes the fun and joy of a 3 year old!

Thanks NSP for another year.  Thanks Sissy's Mom for letting us take her.  Thanks to Splenda Daddy for doing all the spinning rides.  And most of all Thanks to my BFF Sissy for being so darn fun, cute and a delight to be around.  I love that when every ride was done, the same words came out of her mouth, "Wet's do dat again!"  It was the theme of the day.

We left the park listening to Sissy pointing to and telling us about the rides she will do next time we go to  "dagoon" 


Cheeseboy said...

Vomit inducing to be sure. I can barely look at the scrambler PICTURE without puking.

You're so right. Just one of those rides and I feel queezy for the rest of the day. I am getting so old.

Cassie said...

I use to love going to Lagoon every summer, your post brought back lots of memories!

mackenzie said...

definitely with you on being anti-vomit inducing rides.

so when do we get to hang out again? i got crazy at the REI sale and bought a couple new jerseys i need to show off. :)

Missy said...

She is just SO CUTE! I LOVE her boots! Looks like the fun day! I don't do rides either...

tammy said...

I miss Lagoon! Every summer was spent there when I was growing up. Luvpilot and I keep saying we need to take our boys. Sadly they've been deprived their whole lives. I'm afraid once we go it won't live up to the memories I have of it though and instead we'll find it rather lame.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Fun Day! Even better with the hubby and that cutie-pie grandbaby girl!

Anastasia said...

So cute! I love the video. I love that she has her hadns up and is looking around like "I'm ready? My hands are up obviously! Let's go!"

" Hit It......." said...

Darling picutes. It is amazing how a child can breathe "new life" into something. Watching her expressions; made it a new experience for me looking at the pics. Glad you all had fun. Sissy is so cute!

Scrappy Girl said...

Reminds of standing at Family Kingdom at Myrtle Beach in near 100 degree temps watching my kids ride...the sweat may have been dripping off the end of my nose, but I loved watching their sweet faces!

Cherie said...

I cannot do spinning rides either - major motion sickness but I LOVE rollercoasters.
I think you are right though - Lagoon is just more fun with kids :)
Sounds like Sissy is not scared of anything - way to go!!

Teachinfourth said...

I'm with Cheeseboy…the Scrambler is just a bit too much for me anymore. Glad you had a great time; I end up at Lagoon about once a year and always enjoy a few of the rides…

Blast off is the bomb as is Wicked.

Martha H. said...

Oh my stinkin' word! Love the old time pic and the cowgirl boots and the video. So fun!

Sue said...

you know I'm all about the shoes!!
those boots are so dang cute.

Lagoon is a happy place..It's really the only thing like it in SLC..

cute pictures!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

What fun! I've only been to Lagoon once years ago.

And I love the old time photos. It's a family tradition to get those done in my family. I have several!


SO fun, and she is dang adorable! Drove by Lagoon on Saturday and wondered why in all my years of living in Utah I never made it there.

wendy said...

What an absolutely marvelous day that must have been.
I don't do rides. not so much.

and the old photo thing....PRICELESS as they say

carma said...

I'm impressed that your husband's company still does the yearly shindig - at a special place no less. My husband's company gradually scaled back and back and back until this year it was nada.

The Western pic of the three of you came out fabulous!!! Sissy is precious :)

Natalie said...

I love the look of pure excitement on Sissy's face but I really love the look of pure joy and love on Mimi's face while she is looking at Sissy. :)

Mae Rae said...

loved this post! Definately do it again. And the boots make the pics.