Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Party, Party, Event, Party, Event and finally PAR-TAY!

It seems the last week or so, has been nothing but one party or event after another.
Hence, the photo journal.  If you are bored by pictures, then mark as read and move on to someone who writes well.

It started with dinner after Kristin's special endowment session at the temple
old besties
me, Splenda, Deb and Scooter

young besties
Whit, Luka, Kristin and Griff

The next night was our Blogger BBQ
This and all the subsequent photos for this section of the post (blog bbs) courtesy of Jason and alongthebackroads photography
Check out the Dookie cake.  Yes, apparently it was submitted to  Hysterical.  It actually tasted good and Sissy kept talking about licking the frosting.  Success

Abe and his oldest who clearly understood we were his Dad's fans.  The board of his fan club if you will.  In the far back is Adam likely going out to grill me the onions I demanded asked for.

My Shark is the ultimate hostess with the mostess - and Ethan has the right idea.  Diet cherry Pepsi

And just look at this food!

My lovah!

The two favorite people in the whole world!

Does Cheeseboy stand like that in his classroom?  Hands on hips demanding attention?
"Listen up you six-year old's.  You WILL pay attention to me.  YOU.WILL.LEARN"
I think he does, I was scared, and I listened.

We appear somewhat normal.


Next on the list of parties/events  my awesome experience with The Tri

Then, that evening was the Stake Social.  A car show, potluck, band and a lot of socializing.  For Sissy, it meant getting dirty.  Her favorite thing


Savannah and Lexi

Me and my Bird

Just say no to crack

The sand was her favorite part

She also loved Thomas, but because of her unwillingness to share, we had to be done with him.

Monday was MEPS and saying good bye.  I wouldn't call that a party, but it certainly was an event.

And then yesterday was a wonderful day with some of our dearest and long time besties.  Luka and Griff have literally grown up together.  They are a few months apart in age, and we moved in next to each other when they were not even a year old.  After 6 1/2 years with his GF - Griff finally got married!

The temple

Mi familia - Tuffy, me, Splenda and Luka

The paparazzi - Shelby, Whit, Meg, and Ape

The bride and groom

Pure joy!

Me and Kerrie

Tres Amigos - Griff, Tuffy (who needs a freaking haircut) and Luka I did spend a good portion of the day thinking about 'dawg and knowing he was just getting yelled at over and over and over again.

While the family took photos - a few of us hustled over to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and got the room ready for the wedding luncheon

I've been known to tickle the ivory's.   Okay not really, but I had fun pretending!

The room was BEAUTIFUL - I loved her choice of colors.  Great fall theme and with the weather cooler, it really did feel like an early fall day

The Happy Couple.  No surprise that I was one who frequently tapped the glass so that they would kiss!

The dinner favors were so cute!

And the funnest of all  - the reception!

More besties

Griff going in for the garter.  I  specifically told him to use his teeth.  He doesn' listen very well.

Luka and the newlyweds Josh and Ashley

The dancing was SO FUN!  These two - Jessie and Jeff (bro and sis) were totally cuttin a rug.  Well, if there HAD been a rug. 
I may or may not have busted out a Zumba move or two myself.  No valid proof though.,

My bestie Deb

Griff's brothers and their wives.  LOVE these kids!
Ape, Eric, Meg and Dev

Ready to leave, but Luka has ONE last gift for Griff.  Don't ask - I won't tell you, but Luka has now established a traditional going away gift to his best guys on their wedding nights.

Neither one is blushing.  Should I be concerned?

And this one makes me choke up.
Best friends for 21 years.  And even though, we knew Griff would always marry Kristin, and that life moves forward, it's still a teensy bit bittersweet.  End of an era.

And that my friends is my photo journal catch-up post.  I've been busy and I'm tired.  Peace.Out.


Missy said...

I love reading about your good times! The photos are great also! I am living the fun life through you and Tiburon! LOL

veronica said...

That is one crazy dramatic piano player they got there! Do you charge extra for the drama?

Seriously though, how weird is it to watch your kids' friends get married?!
You are too young and fabulous to have kids that old.

Cherie said...

You party animal you! Save some of that party energy for October!! Whoo Hooo!!!

" Hit It......." said...

You guys are always going and doing. Looks like a lot of fun. Beautiful wedding.

Scrappy Girl said...

I need to attend a good party! Love all the pics!

Garden of Egan said...

You have been so busy!!!!!!!!
I love the pictures. The bride and groom are so beautiful.
You have such a gorgeous smile!

Martha H. said...

The pics of you tickling the ivories made me giggle.

Good times!

tammy said...

You have been busy. Love the wedding pics. I bawled when my bestie got married. Not because I was happy for her, but because I knew our lives were about to change and much of our fun would be over. You look like you're a natural behind that piano. Better watch out or they'll be calling you as the primary pianist.

carma said...

Wow!! you've got a lot going on. My life is like a snoozefest compared to all this activity. Do people tell Deb all the time that she looks like Carol Brady???

Plain Jame said...

Wow, that is a marathon of goodness. It's neat to see what you're up to in your life lately!

Pedaling said...

Life is full....and happy.....and interesting.
One Big Party!

Gloria (The Mamafamilias) said...


#1) you come to NC and I'll serve you some grapes and strawberries, too. Promise

#2) I am so thankful that we finally have a temple in NC. My daughter was married there. But have mercy. That Sale Lake temple is the end all be all temple. My goal is to go through it one of these days. (Of course, the Nauvoo temple is the end all be all too). What a beautiful couple. Ouch on the "time marches on" though.

Teachinfourth said...

The BBQ was awesome. It was great to finally meet you in the flesh. I think another will be in order before long, too.