Monday, August 9, 2010

Best Birthday weekend EVER!

Okay, maybe saying EVER is stretching it, after all, I've had 44 birthday's now so chances are, while this was a great one, I've had some other pretty nice ones too.  My 40th was pretty memorable.  I'll have to do a memory post on that one day.  It was pretty bomb

It started Wednesday night when Sissy came over.  Her Mom went on a long camping trip and since it was our weekend anyway, she just came a little early.  And even though I spent Thursday working, she is still highly amusing.

(wook Mimi, I'm a runner)

On Friday, Splenda, Luka and I all took the day off work.  One of Luka's besties got married and we were invited to his temple sealing, the luncheon and then of course the reception.  All of which was absolutely beautiful.

(the ceremony was at the Salt Lake Temple- one of the most beautiful buildings ever)

(the reception was held at Hidden Falls at Thanksgiving Point.  Stunningly beautiful and once Sissy saw the candy bags - she was in it for the evening)

(Luka did NOT want to go catch the garter, but no one would leave him alone about it.  So h was a good sport. Thank heavens he didn't catch it!)

Then Saturday was the big Tri event.  No more about that right now, the post is coming, waiting on a few pictures.

After some down time just chillaxing and letting Sissy nap, we headed out to the Texas Roadhouse for a bd dinner.  Good family times.  I have the best.  THE BEST!

(who needs a straw?  not her!)

(the fam)

(shark face)

(can you tell she is the center of attention and beyond BELOVED by the men in our family?)

(loving Unco Wook - even when he tries to do a mad face)

(never let the boy have your camera cause he'll just start snapping random stuff)

(poppa with his two favorite girls!)

After dinner, Luka took me to the movie.  Just us.  He told everyone else that they were invited, but they had to buy their own tickets.  He was treating just me.  Let's just say this:  Me + Luka + Will Farrell = Night of laughing my face off.  I'm still giggling about it   It's totally random, and some of the one-liners are hysterical. For sure go see "The Other Guys".

Sunday was of course more down time, we churched, we napped, we watched a movie, we had cake and ice cream.

And let the record show that in addition to the most wonderful family, I have the best friends in the world.  More gifts, and notes, and shout out's than a girl deserves.  I appreciate every single one of them!  I was so spoiled rotten!

Thanks everyone for such a great birthday, I think I am prepared to embrace 44.  Maybe.


Lara said...

Happy Birthday! It definitely sounds (and looks) like you had a wonderful day!

Cheeseboy said...

I really, really want to see that movie.

Also, does he even know what a garter is? Cause I am not sure I do still.

Happy birthday!

tammy said...

I love birthdays that never end.

And the many faces of Sissy.

And Texas Roadhouse.

And weddings.

And you.

Glad you had a good weekend. You deserve nothing but the best!

Cherie said...

Happy Birthday you young thing!!
SO GLAD it was a happy happy one full of fun family stuff - that truly is THE BEST!!
You are such a great mom, I can tell that your boys all love you to pieces!!
Love the wedding photo's and all the cute faces of your sweet little sissy - she truly is a doll and a ham!!
Keep on partying!!

Mrs. Organic said...

Oh my gosh, her eyes are amazing! Glad you had a happy one.

Pedaling said...

I'm a whole year older than you!

Did I miss your birthday on facebook?
how can i make it up? (i don't go on facebook all that much.--oops)

You look awesome for your age! ;)

Alright, i am so going to see that movie!

hidden gardens at thanksgiving point--a beautiful place for a wedding reception, indeed!

Happy Birthday!!

" Hit It......." said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and birthday. You have a darling family (especially Sissy).

The 40's are the new 30's...age doesn't matter! Happy Birthday again!


mmmmmhhhhhh.... Texasr Roadhouse and time spent off work with the ones you love. I'd say that's a great Birthday weekend too!

Teachinfourth said...

Quite the par-tay, girl! How could one EVER go wrong at Texas Roadhouse? Those rolls are to die for...

Garden of Egan said...

Sissy is about the cutest thing ever!
Way to be 44. I remember being there.....once.

You are such a gorgeous doll!

Happy Birthday!

Gloria (The Mamafamilias) said...

Well, Happy Birthday to ya!!!

Looks like that WAS a beautiful wedding reception. Isn't it fun taking little granddaughters to a wedding. For real. Sissy looked so cute.

Your son & the garter/my daughter and the bouquet toss - she avoids 'em like the plague.

Scrappy Girl said...

Gator approves...

I love the dress and bow at the wedding. My 2 littles would love a play date.

Sue said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

We saw that show too, and loved it.

Sissy is so darling.

Did I miss wishing you Happy Birthday on facebook?

JennyMac said...

Happy Birthday! Love the pics. So cute. and that is some awesome shark face. LOL.

Vanessa said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I have been out of town, so I get a pass on being late, right??