Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to school - Course 101: How to meet a couple of celebrities and make a fool of yourself.

What do a shark, a gifted photographer, a chunk of cheese and some white trash jello salad have in common?
me, Jason, Tib, Abe

I don't know either, but they were all gathered Friday night for a bbq and a meet in real life moment.

Seriously, a great time.  I always get a little nervous meeting bloggy friends face to face.  I would say that I am afraid of being exposed as a fraud, but since I am so transparent on my blog, and ofttimes horrifically real anyway,  I can only say I get nervous simply because I always tend to say the wrong things.

Friday night was no exception. 

The minute Cheeseboy and his super hawt wife came to the door, I was all alone and left to answer it and welcome them in.  In my mind I had some  funny line of - how Abe really married up.  Ha ha.  Funny stuff right?  I think it came out the opposite way and I inferred that his beautiful wife married up.  Offended Cheeseboy and wife?  Check.  The uber cool Cheeseboy - I get to meet him in real life and what do I do?  Blow it.

Teachinfourth was already there and chatting when Splenda and I arrived.  Once they came back downstairs from the grand tour of the Shark's house, we met and I have to say...he is a delight!  He showed me the awesome cake he brought for dessert and what do I say?  That is so cool, we should send it to cakewrecks dot com.   Offended Jason whose talent with a camera compares to none?  - check.  And now who will go with me to try out the yogurt place?

Shark and I go way back so I guess I have already had my chances and come through with flying colors in the 'offend her' department so I'll mark that checked as well.

Okay, in all seriousness.  It was a fantastic time.  Abe and Jason are just as funny in real life as they are on their blogs.  I can only hope to learn some sense of humor from these dudes.  And Abe's wife and kids?  Stunningly beautiful people.  My own frumpiness was confirmed.  His boys jumped right in to playing with the rest of the gaggle of kids with not a hint of shyness.  Jason is an amazing photographer!  He had his bad boy camera there snapping away and all I could do was just stare in amazement.  I was kind of afraid to even be near the camera, with my gift of breaking everything in sight.  The whole bull in a china shop syndrome that I have.

The two guys are also gifted teachers.  I can tell by observing them with the kids all around us, hearing their stories from the classroom, and in Cheeseboy's case, from parents in my own neighborhood.

So to my new BFF's - thanks for letting chillax wit' ya on Friday night.  I promise not to be so dorky next time.  And as for Splenda?  He really is more social - I promise.  But in 26 years of marriage, nothing has changed.  If there are kids around and one of them belongs to us, then he's out with them.  Kid patrol. 

And if you aren't already following these guys - start now!  There could be some arm waxing in our near future!!


Cherie said...

I saw on Cheeseboy's blog that you all had a fun dinner together! Good time!!
I love those guys blogs and they are seriously the only men I personally "know" who blog! They are pretty awesome!!

Missy said...

You guys have too much fun! I would love to have been a fly on the wall... LOL

Garden of Egan said...

I read about this on Cheeseboy's and Tib's blogs. Sounds like you all were too funny for words.
You all sound like a match made in heaven.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

As I told the guys, I was crushed that I wasn't invited.

Then I realized I don't live in Utah.

And no one in their right mind who reads my blog would invite me or my kids anywhere.

I brought this upon myself.

Sounds like you guys had a blast!

Lara said...

It's always so fun to meet up with online friends! Glad you had a great time! ;)

KyAnn (like Cayenne Pepper, only HOTTER) said...

How fun to meet local bloggers. I'm going to do this. Great idea!

Pedaling said...

you're funny too....
in your own kind of way. ;)
i'm sure they appreciated your awkward humor!

tammy said...

Four of my favorite people all together in one place and me hundreds of miles away = no fair.

I love the pic of you guys.

tammy said...

Oh and I totally laughed when I heard you may have offended Abe's wife.

tiburon said...

Tammy you really need to get up here!

Vanessa said...

I will say it again for the fourth time. I'm sad I couldn't be there.

Teachinfourth said...

It was great to finally meet you. We will HAVE to do this again…maybe sooner rather than later. Let's hear it for Blogger!

Plain Jame said...

Awwww, that does sound really fun, good for you guys.

Mae Rae said...

This was great! I am so glad you got to meet them. Tib is an awesome friend to have!