Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

It's Wedneday, therefore I am random  

Making some minor changes in the Yankee's room.  Getting rid of the twin size bed and putting in 'dawg's queen bed.  Adding my latest new picture.  Kind of excited. 

Need to get Splenda Daddy to hang some hooks from the beams in the laundry room so I can hang my bike up there.  It needs to quit lounging about in the Yankee room.  That clubhouse was built to be my sanctuary, not a dumping grounds for storing stuff.

I just reviewed the Zumba dances I am showing/teaching the girls in YW tonight.  Is it a problem that I start the evening all sweaty?  They wanted an exercise night and some of them want some Zumba so we'll mix it up and do a little traditional running/cardio and a few Zumba dances.  Should be fun.

I have a wet suit ready to rent tomorrow.  Last time I had a complete panic attack when trying one on.  It sucks right onto your body, and I couldn't BREATHE!  It was the most awful feeling.  Wish me luck that I don't have another melt down when attempting to do this open water training tomorrow night.  But I have to be ready for the 21st and Jordanelle.  I badly want to best myself and last year's time.

4 day weekend coming up - yippeee for me!  Friday for Splenda's work party and Monday for our Wedding anniversary.  Love me some days off.  Mucho Gusto!

The injection in my neck has most def worn off.  But I can't get another one until I can be out of the water.  It's going to need to wait.  But I'll be glad when I can get some serious relief again.

Had lunch with a great lady today.  Blogging is amazing in that it brings so many wonderful relationships isn't it?  Truly a kindred spirit in her, and I see many more lunches/hang out's in our future.

I've started taking Jordan for a walk as soon as I get home from the gym in the mornings.  It gets her out of the house, lets her have fun with all the smells that dogs dig, and gives me another 20 minutes or so of calorie burn.  She has now started pooping in the exact area, every day.  It's like she recognizes the house and her sphincter lets loose.  I'm a good neighbor though and have begun carrying a bag.  She's now become very regular.  Like clockwork.

I like regular pooping.

I'm looking into selling my plasma.  Luka and I went once before when he has having so much trouble getting a job.  A girl my weight can make about 200 bucks a month if I donate twice a week.  That might support my habit.  My habit of doing some sort of event every single weekend.  Now just need to find an open appointment at the Plasma center.  Didn't know it was such a hopping business.  I think that's a sign of the economy.  Even girls like me are wanting to make an extra HONEST buck.

I have found my new favorite way to eat salad.  No dressing.  Lemon juice and pepper.  Serio! It was good and the calories you cut out?  Just means more skittles!!

Speaking of skittles, I got like 8 bags for my birthday - need to go find one.........


Gloria (The Mamafamilias) said...

how do I get in on the plasma-selling thing?

and yeah, i'm still leaving my calendar open for when you come to eastern north carolina. I'll bake you a chocolate pound cake. We're big on pound cake around here. You can run it off - just like the Skittles.

Pedaling said...

regular pooping is good.

is this your first open water?
I like open water better than pool, well, i don't really like it better, but i feel like i did a REAL tri - not a fake imitation pool one....
anyway, i think your time may not be as good if you are comparing to a pool swim as in the lake you tend to get a wee bit off course at times and it cuts into your time.

yippee for you!
Boo for me :(

tammy said...

It's funny what you can taste once you get rid of the dressings and condiments I've noticed.

Sooo.....what'd you come up with to do on your anniversary? Are you going to share or is it secret?

Harley is a regular little pooper too. I just need to remember to let him out or it's in the house.

Cheeseboy said...

Best sentence I have read this week:

"I like regular pooping."

My wife is YW Pres. I bet she would love you to come teach her YW the Rumba.

Missy said...

I am in such awe of you doing Zumba, running, marathons, etc. Oh, and pooping regulary! Awe...

Wife Of A Salesman said...

I have been donating plasma this summer (until my kidney freaked out), the only thing about it is it literally takes about 3 hours for the whole process. I have tried to go in the morning, afternoon and last min they accept people and they are so busy. Also it does mess with your electrolights and it made me feel short breathed and a little funky. If you decide to go, let me know so I can refer you then I can get some extra $$ too. Good plan, no?

Chief said...


regular pooping


Sue said...

I'm a regular...I'm just sayin

where do I go to donate my red stuff...You are right- good money for doing something that can actually help others.