Monday, August 30, 2010

My Marine (recruit) Monday's

Okay, so he's not OFFICIALLY a Marine yet, he is still considered a recruit hence, the modified title until he graduates.

All week, I found myself thinking about 'dawg and what he might be doing at the moment.  The answer in my head was always, "getting yelled at".  Does it stress me out?  Nah - he's tough. It'll be good for him.

We got the "scripted" phone call at about 11:15pm.  The phone rang, and amazingly, I was actually still awake and coherent.  I knew immediately what the call was.  I ran to the phone picked up, and didn't even get the word 'hello' out, before he started yelling.  For the next 20 seconds or so, I didn't understand much of what was said other than a few words in the jumble of screaming voices....."This is recruit........I have.....I am safe......I love you....."  And before I realized it, he said good-bye and the call was disconnected.  WHA?  It happened all so fast.  No words from my end, just hearing yelling, yelling and more yelling through the phone.  His voice was hoarse so I knew that he had been using his "outside" lungs for several hours already.

Luckily we knew what to expect:

A brief taste of that first night.  I can only imagine how the rest of the week has been.

Sunday night we got a call from a Brother Bennett who is the branch leader there on the recruit base.  A delightful 80-something year old man.  Retired USMC officer. 60 years in the service. Former Drill Instructor.  Former instructor of the Drill Instructor's.  He knows how it all goes down there.

He gave a report that he had met with 'dawg and that he was doing great.  He actually attended church and 'fessed up to BB that it was his first time in about 3 years.  Sadly, it's the truth.  Other than when Luka spoke at the book ends of his mission, a church pew hasn't seen 'dawg's behind in that long.  BB mentioned that they had a great chat.  He spoke highly of 'dawg and expects to see him next week. 

BB gave us his graduation information.  Provided details of Family Day, and the luncheon that is provided for the family and guests of the recruits that have been attending the branch during boot camp.  His final instructions included 'dawg's mailing address and the assurance that he would be watched over.  BB was kind enough to invite us to call him at any time. 

I can't even explain how that small tender mercy felt.  Just a simple phone call.  And BB had several to make since he had 19 new recruits in the branch service that day.  And yet, he spent a good 20 -25 minutes with me.  An interesting comment he made has stuck with me.  When describing how he felt about my son he said, "He has a positive imprint."      I'm not sure what 'positive imprint' means, but I know that it made my heart feel good.

So, now with his mailing address in my hands, it's off to send the first of many letters reminding that kid to stand straight, hold his chin up, be strong and never forget that he is loved.  No.Matter.What.

Semper Fi


MommyJ said...

Such a phone call would have really scared me! I hope he's doing great. And what a wonderful blessing to hear from someone that could give you so much reassurance!

Martha H. said...

That is awesome! I'm so glad he's doing well and making a good impression.

Together We Save said...

I am glad things are going so well!!

Mae Rae said...

again without a doubt...hugs, sister, hugs.

Suzie said...

To have that said of your son is quite a compliment.
With all the negativity everywhere-"Positive Imprint"-
that's amazing.
What a wonderful phone call to get!

Missy said...

I am crying! The ugly cry... How brave the both of you are!

Ann Marie said...


I am excited to meet you in Oct! I wish you didn't have to leave early.. but I know how life goes!

I can't believe you have grown boys and a grand-daughter! Wow! -- You look so young!

It was fun going back and reading some of the posts on your blog..

You are a good Mom to be so storng with this Marine stuff. I can't even think about my 6 year old going on a mission right now.. as I will be so anxious!

I REALLY need to chat with you.. in private. :) Could you e-mail me? Thanks!

CountessLaurie said...

Way to go, 'dawg!

That is one interesting phone call, to say the least...

What a nice thing to get a personal call to ease you a bit.

Hang in there, woman!

" Hit It......." said...

You are so have a call like that from Brother Bennett. The "Dawg" will be fine! You can send him Power bars (we didn't find that out for 3 weeks). That is the only thing they allow. He will be plenty hungry! Bye.

tammy said...

Hearing about the phone call from Bro. Bennett totally choked me up.

Garden of Egan said...

I remember getting a phone call from a missionary couple assigned to our son's base and it brought tears to my eyes. The brother that was talking to me said that he'd never been to such spiritual meetings as he had with these boys. They are in full fatigues, guns left outside the door and an hour of Sacrament meeting.

I can't imagine the phone call!!! Wow!
Glad you got to hear his voice.
He's in our prayers.

KyAnn (like Cayenne Pepper, only HOTTER) said...

You had me at hello. Pick something off your bucket list and lets go do it. I'm in Davis County.

Cheeseboy said...

Brother Bennett sounds like my kind of dude! It sounds like he is in good hands there.

Funny how a 25 minute conversation with his Branch President was so much more meaningful than a 20 second phone scream.

Java said...

Wow that phone call!! What a relief though!
Such a great conversation with Brother Bennett!

PS: You cracked me up with your comment today...about the flapping! haha!

Cherie said...

M that is SO neat! It's kind of like getting that missionary call on Mother's Day! That is weird how it is scripted!! I like how the service whips these guys into VERY obedient shape!!
So nice that Bro. Bennett called you. I bet that just made your heart soar and what a neat description of your son. I am not surprised - he has an awesome Mom and that is reflected in his personality!

Chief said...

That is the craziest thing I have ever seen<---besides Duke riding his mountain bike 6 weeks after replacement.

Tell Dawg Chief said.... "YO!"

Susan Litster said...

1. Pressed-in-shape
a. A pattern, design, or mark that is made by pressing something down on or into something else

2. Lasting effect
a. An effect that remains and is recognizable for a long time

common sense duh said...

You should be very proud. Thank you for sharing your son.