Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shout out to the Tuffinator!!

I realize that this pic old, but I don't have a recent one of him lately.  Shame on me!

Anywhoodle - A HUGE shout out to my baby boy!

Dude just got a promotion at his job!
After a couple of years working as a stocker in the dairy and frozen departments he was just promoted to Assistant Manager of the dairy and frozen departments.
How freaking cool is that????

It means full time, more pay, and possibly some bene's. 

Just have to say - so uber proud of this kid!

So, now if you're in the neighborhood of the Dub J (thanks Ape) and need to go to Macey's grocery store - make sure to say hey to the cute young man in the dairy or frozen aisle!

Congrats Tuffy - you da bomb!


" Hit It......." said...

Your baby is very handsome. Tell him congratulations; that's very cool!

Ape and Er said...

So glad the "Dub J" is catching on. Props to the Tuffster for movin' on up!!!

Ann Marie said...

I only shop at that Macey's.. so if I see him.. I will congratulate!!

Hope all is well with you. Been thinking about you..XO

Garden of Egan said...

You should be proud!
He isn't old enough for a job as you are not old enough to be the mother of a child that has a job, or a Marine, or a granddaughter.
Just sayin'

Congrats Tuffman!!!

tammy said...

I wish we had a Macey's here.

gigi said...

Awesome! Congrats! Nothing like a little promotion to put a smile on your face! Happy February!

Ordinary Miracles said...

That is awsome! Way to go tuffy! Too bad I am no where near any Macey's, none here, but if I were I would for sure say hello.

suz said...

Good for him! So did he see this post and give you the "MO--om!" ?

Just ME the MOM said...

Congrats to Tuffy - a step up in the employment world . . . can't complain about that these days :)


Pedaling said...


Wife Of A Salesman said...

This is such a blessing especially when so many are out of work. Way to go Tuff! Maceys is a wonderful employer and more than one kid who started out as a bagger or stocker has turned it into a long lasting career! So glad that after all these weeks of crap upon crap something POSITIVELY POSTIVE has happened to your family.

wendy said...

well I'll have to tell my daughter...beings she lives in Dub J, and give him a shout out as sometimes she goes to Maceys.

whoot whoo

CountessLaurie said...

Congrats, Tuffy!!

Missy said...

He is so handsome and such a responsible young man!
You should be so proud!