Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

Another Wednesday, another wrambling post.  What happened to the days that I had a theme for every day of the week and never ran out of things to blog about?

Life is settling into a nice routine and lot's of predictability.  Momma likey.  Sissy likey.  Poppa likey.  The adult menchildren lik.... who am I kidding, they don't know the difference, they have their own lives. 
 As it should be.

Coming out of the funk. Re-prioritizing my life.  Letting things go, focusing more on others.  Cutting back on work for a little bit.  Gotta love the FMLA.  

 Made the decision today that I need to give up the shift at the temple.  As much as I love it, that particular calling is not designed for people who have small children in their care full time.  I was in the correct phase of life, but that changed Christmas Eve and so now, I will need to wait a little longer for my turn.  I am crying big tears about it, but I know that I can go back when my life circumstances change again.

My sweet mother stopped by yesterday afternoon with a beautiful card, and a bag of skittles.  I don't think she expected to catch me at home, but we had a nice long visit. Something we haven't done in a long time.  I think we both needed it.  She is leaving for Sweden in April with her husband to serve a mission.  I am going to miss them.

Need to start My Marine Monday's posts again.  Now that he is back in training, we'll have some interesting stuff to post.  Granted no letters, since we can talk via cell phone and skype on liberty weekends, but I am sure he is going to start giving us stories. I heard last night from his cute girlfriend that he was excited for the training this week. Something about grenades.......

My mini-cooper is not practical for a toddler.  I don't care.  I am keeping it.

I had lunch today with her, her and her.  I love them.  We have much in common and it was great to laugh, talk, a little crying (me) and some general girl talk. 

I had dinner with my Diva's last night.  There was some dancing, laughing, eating, meditating, and some general inappropriateness.  I could not have asked for more.  Where would I be without my besties?  We have been through hell and back together and I am loving the bond that just grows deeper and deeper.
Hoping we haven't scarred BL for life.  Nothing a little brain bleach won't clean up.

I think I am yet again, realizing the importance of true friendship.  The kind that is loyal, trusting, and sincere.  The kind that bands together in tough times and makes sure that your back is covered at all times.
I am amazed at the friends I have that fit in those categories, and some I haven't even met in real life yet.  They are you  - out there in the blog land.
I am trying to so hard to figure out how I can get a trip back east to hit Virginia, NY,  Mass, NC, SC - then south to Georgia, Texas, making my way back west to AZ, CA, WA and ID before circling back home.

Let's make that happen shall we?

And as a follow up question - is it wrong or crazy of me to want to keep making my BFF circle bigger and bigger and bigger?  There are some amazing women that have entered my life that I am ready to embrace - am I needy?  Am I just too social?  Am I effing crazy?

The Superbowl is Sunday.  I am cheering for the Steelers.  Don't ask me why - my reasoning is ridiculous, but it works for me.  I want a big bash, just don't want to host it.  Too lazy to put my house back together.  I guess we'll have 7 layer dip and lil smokies on our own here.  And that is SO okay with me.

And now because of the large dinner last night and the indulgent lunch today, I better get myself to bed so I can drag my butt back out of it a oh-dark-thirty for cycling.



You are not crazy! Us we woman we need a support group. A big support group. How would any of us make it with out one?

Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like you are doing some eating/crying/healing/feeling stuff.
Glad to hear it.
So when ya comin' over? Really, I could give you some hot chocolate or sumthin' on accounta it being freakin' -31 degrees.

I think you are doing the right thing by giving up, cutting back, reprioritizing and all that.

Glad daddy is happy and sissy is happy and the menkids, well, just give them food. They'll be happy.

Sheesh! Corb is lucky! Who wouldn't want something to do with grenades? Really? That would be such a trip. I wouldn't ever want to jump out of a plane for kicks or giggles, but MAN O MAN....give me a grenade.
OK, I'm now officially not going to be able to sleep tonight.

Hope the MarineMan is doing good. Think of him and you all every day. You're in our prayers!

suz said...

PFC's in MCT. Yours too? Or is he farther along? Probably the most fun month of his life! Boys and their toys...especially things that go BOOM! It was great to get a phone call last weekend.

Cherie said...

M I love reading the ongoing dialogue from your mind.
Your plate is definately full in many ways. Full of new responsibilities, full of love, full of friendship, full of blessings.
You have a good handle on what is happening in your life.

And YES you must keep the mini Cooper can't imagine you driving anything else at this point!

tammy said...

I always think of you when I see a mini-cooper. I love them. I drove a tiny red celica when Taylor was a toddler. You make it work.

Real friends are the best. Luvpilot always makes fun of how many friends I have compared to him, but I think it's a girl thing. And needed.

Sorry you have to give up the temple, but glad you're getting out of the funk.

Pedaling said...

it's a good thing to have your routine settle in to a norm.

my exercise routine is suffering as of late---one week I'm on and the next I'm off. blahhhhh

a person cannot have too many great friends in life if you ask me.

your super bowl party sounds similar to what we have planned.

Vanessa said...

Glad to hear you are starting to make your way back to some sort of normal! You have been missed!

Wife Of A Salesman said...

Ahhhh, once again welcome back Wednesday, I needed that random therapy, even though I am by nature more anti than social (thats why I married the man I did), my girl always says you are just like her daddy, doesnt matter where you go you always know someone and if you don't you make a new friend right away, I gift you were both blessed with no doubt. Thanks again for Wednesday, just the thing I needed this Thursday. P.S. Whatev' with the Steelers, you know my husband was born in WI?

wendy said...

you can keep making your BFF list bigger and bigger.......AS LONG AS I AM IN IT.
The circle of it ever too big. Each one fills you soul in a different, important way.

You have no idea how much I will miss all of you when I go home. Yes I have Mr. Gorgeous's arms to fall into (ahhhh) but I need my GIRLY connections.

priorities do change in life...cause life freaking changes, in most unexpected ways.

You'll do what YOU need to do cause that's how you roll, and I love ya

" Hit It......." said...

I thought the same thing as I left our lunch yesterday about appreciating friendship. I have met some wonderful ladies and I want to expand my circle more. Everyone has so much to offer.

I have rooting for the Steelers as well. Have fun!

Ann Marie said...

I love to read your random thoughts..
I love that you had a GREAT day with your besties..
~ And I just love your honesty and real-ness. It's good for me these days in blog land..

Mrs. Organic said...

I don't think there is such a thing as too many bffs, besides you wouldn't want people to miss out on your awesomeness, would you?
Yay for keeping the car and for things settling down a bit.

Missy said...

Your BFF circle can never be too large!
Keep the car! I have a nonMom car for just me!!!

CountessLaurie said...

Keep the car. You are too cool for anythng else and you waited a long time for it.

You can have as many BFFs as you want ... I don't think that makes you needy. I think it mkes you awesome.

Anastasia said...

You better stop in Texas. Austin to be exact, we can eat some tasty food and let the munchkins run around together.