Monday, February 7, 2011

My Marine Monday

(taken the day before he left)

'dawg headed back to Camp Pendleton and as of last Tuesday picked up with Fox Company and began his MCT (Marine Combat Training).
Every Marine is a rifleman regardless if they go infantry route or not.  I've heard many a story of Marine's that have completely different lines of duty, but get called up and sent to Iraq or Afghanistan.  You soon learn that you will serve when and where you are asked to.  So, regardless of your job in the military, each Marine is sent to Combat Training.

We didn't hear much from him other than a few texts and a quick phone call last night.  Then today we were able to skype and chat for a bit.

You can tell we have gaps in our service, and it was noisy on our end and in the rec room that he was in (they were gathered watching the Superbowl) but he was kind enough to try and explain a little bit of what he was doing.
He was assigned the position of Guide for 1st Platoon.  He down plays it a little bit, but ultimately it is a lot of responsibility.  He's always been a good leader so I am not surprised to see the Corp use his talents and abilities.

He is happy.  He is throwing grenades, hiking, PT, and learning so much.  As we talked more off camera, he spent time with Sissy, they pulled faces at each other and talked about her school.  He misses her, she misses him - but he knows in the long run this will be the best for both of them.

Can't wait to hear how the week went - stay tuned!

Semper Fi


tammy said...

Running around throwing grenades...every boys' dream.

suz said...

Semper Fi indeed! He sounds like such a great kid!

Lene said...

ditto what Tammy said...

Cherie said...

He's living the life and doing it well! Glad he is fine and happy.

Janiece said...

I love Skype!
While my daughter lived in Argentina I could hardly wait for Sunday nights when I knew we would get to see each others faces.
I am glady to hear he is doing well.

Missy said...

My son did not pass the Physical. He has to go back to MEPS next month!
I don't know if I am Happy or Sad...