Friday, January 28, 2011

That just really chaps my hide

You know how you just have those times where you feel like a little bit of a Negative Nelly and that maybe if you just spew what's ticking you off you might feel better?
Yeah, me too.

Things that are just chapping my hide:

Public restrooms where the toilet paper roll is loaded backwards.  Serio - there is ONE right way. 

Preparing for a major landscaping shave job today and discovering that my shaving cream is all gone.  Hope that whatever manchild borrowed mine enjoyed smelling like Tropical Island.

The Wonder Pets on Nickjr.  The MOST ANNOYING show ever.  I want to drown the turtle, strangle the duck, and shove the gerbil in a heat duct.  Anything to make them stop singing.  Why a pre-schooler needs an opera aria to inform him that the telephone is ringing is just beyond me.

Fellow Marine's who stole my son's stuff while he was gone.  What happened to your oath of integrity boys?

Atrophied muscles.  So quick to lose strength, so hard and long to gain back.

January.  I hate you.  What with your freezing temperatures, and icky inversions.  You are downright depressing.

Liars.  People who bear false witness.  People who create their own reality and then present it as truth.  I can't respect you, I can't believe you, I won't trust you.

My hair falling out by the handfulls.  Gross.

Chest pain.  Back pain.  Not able to catch my breath.  I'm so over this.

Wow - I think I feel better.  How cathartic

What's chapping your hide today?


Katie said...

I can relate, I'm having one of those days too.
Today I hate when my brother takes my shampoo
People do not do their jobs AT ALL

What happened to common courtesy?

but i love your blog
and you
and families :)

Have a better day tommorow!


Suzie said...

People that you thought were "friends" even considered them an extention of family and then they go and blab their damn mouths off about a very difficult thing. Then, trying to convince them that things are different now, that the relationship is changed forevermore.

okay. I do feel a bit better. Been holding that one in.

and to you: brighter days right ahead. I meant it, friend.

DeNae said...

Drama. Drama chaps my hide. And now Marines stealing each other's stuff.

gigi said...

Well, no wonder you are chaffing, is that a word or is it spelled right? I am SO over January!! Hang in there lady we'll make it through one way or another.

tammy said...

I'm mad at all of those things for you.

And at the extra 5 pounds that seems determined to stay since the New Year.

And a prolonged frost that has ruined most of my landscaping.

Scrappy Girl said...

I think you may need a "time out." lol

January is irking me too. Only 2 more days left!

Cherie said...

For me it's always about driving - ha ha. I'm about ready to start carrying Trents bb gun around with me!!!

Why is your hair falling out? This concerns me!


You have way more to be miffed about than I do,They stole his stuff????? Seriously makes me so mad for you! I am pretty sick of the smell of bleach and a house full of cement dust, and we have only just begun our flood recovery project.

Jess said...

I am 1,000,000% with you on the toilet paper thing....

Vanessa said...

"Lenny, Tuck and Ming Ming too..."

I want to strangle them as well. Just wait when they sing about the dog having to pee. I want to punch the tv.

Cheeseboy said...

Didn't realize there was a right and wrong TP way.

January is the month that all the other months give wedgies.

Mrs. Organic said...

I feel about February and March the same way you do about January. We should form an I hate January club and hold meetings in Hawaii.

What is the deal with stealing???

Jewls said...

We went to a travel expo today...all the vendors completely overlooked us. I guess they figured because we're young we're not as serious about taking a vacay as the older folks...RUDE!

Chief said...

I hate that you are sick... I should have shoved you in my suitcase


Mamafamilias said...

People who sneeze/cough and don't cover their mouth.

Just SO said...

My nose is totally chapped today and that's chapping my hide. Thankfully there are tissues with lotion to help me deal.

Lene said...

I just want to sleep right through January...and maybe February. Depressed much?

LKP said...

::i love you::

Just ME the MOM said...

Oh man - seriously , don't even get me started! ;)


Omgirl said...

hahaha, that's so funny because I LOVE the Wonder Pets and I was so disappointed when the kids stopped wanting to watch it a few years ago. I can't even bribe them to watch that show now. I love Ming Ming's wittew speech impediment. I think Tuck is adorable with his little water shoes. Linny you can actually keep. Is it a he or a super butch she?? And I like the international/travel element to the show where the music and other stuff is locally inspired. But I can accept that you hate it. There are a lot of shows on kids' TV that I hate. I would rather have Chinese water torture than watch Max and Ruby, for example. So, ya.

CountessLaurie said...

I prefer wonder pets over dora or diego. They are constantly yelling!! Drives me insane. And Ruby (of Max and Ruby) is so domineering. My favorite is probably the Backyardigans...

Okay, now I am scaring myself. MUST. GO. TURN. ON. ADULT. TV...

So much is chapping these days. I need a sun light. I thinK I am getting seasonal affected disorder (or whatever it's called). I need more hot sunshine!!