Friday, February 25, 2011

One liners

Funny how you can experience a deep dark pit in your stomach, and then 8 hours later, sweet joy.

I like sweet joy better.

The pit will come back, just not today.

I still absolutely LOVE my car.

I can't wait to drive it everyday.

A new mattress can mean the world of difference in your body when you get up in the morning, regardless if you have actually slept at all.

One of the greatest inventions ever is Skype.

One of the stupidest inventions ever is the seat belt dinger noise.

I don't like to put on my seatbelt if I am just going to the other street in my neighborhood.

Ice skating is dangerous.

So are some EMT's

A head wound bleeds a lot and even when a professional tells you it's just a goose egg, it's best to get it checked, you might end up with 7 staples in your head.

I didn't fall on the ice, but my friend did.

I think church activities should ban ice skating since this is the 3rd year in a row with someone knocking their melon.

Splenda Daddy ratted us out to the bishop.

Preschools are petri dishes.

I'm glad I am not a school teacher. 

New clothes are needed and wanted. 

Same with shoes.

Been to busy to shop.

Getting a new Zumba instructor at the gym is bringing a smile to my face.

I like Zumba again.

For now, I like my private blog


Jewls said...

I'm way too chicken to try Zumba, however I'm loving yoga, so maybe I'll get adventurous once my flexibility gets a little better than a brick!

I love new clothes but I hate shopping. If I were rich I'd hire someone to drive me everywhere and also someone my same size with cute taste to try on and buy all of my clothes! :)

Ordinary Miracles said...

I like your blog, private or not. We have an awesome Zumba instructor in our ward.
After driving my one ton wonder for over a month now I want a little car again more than you can possibly imagine. So what if we look like clowns, right?

Mrs. Organic said...

Stupid seatbelt dingers!

And ice skating is teh ultimate dangerous, well that and snowboarding.

Teachinfourth said...

Teaching school is awesome...what are you talking about? Well, I guess they can be petri dishes sometimes, too...

Cherie said...

The seatbelt dinger made me laugh - you and my husband would get along. He figured out that if you are willing to listen to it ding 35x it willgo off (without putting the belt on) I'm not that patient!

Your car is Sa-weet! And you look so cute driving it too!!

tammy said...

We just had an ice skating accident too, and it just happened to be to the new boy in the ward. Way to make a great impression, right? I think a lot of activities should be banned.

I need new clothes too. Especially for Sunday.

A good mattress makes all the difference.

Every time I see a Mini I think of you.

Missy said...

Preschools are actually gross...
I like a good mattress too.
Hate IceSkating.
Hate stitches.
Scared of Zumba!!!
Glad to be here! :)

wendy said...

YAY...I am into your blog.
I had to go back and read a few I have missed.
Legal issues???!!!! Crap. some people eh.
I fell hard on the ice, and wasn't even wearing head got smacked pretty good and it hurt like a son of a neck hurt really bad for a few days, guess there was a little whiplash associated.

BUT...I am an awesome iceskater. Come on, I'm from Canada.

Would love to do Zumba if there was such a thing in my neck of the woods....except for the whole fact I have no rhythm. NONE!!!

I hope your anxiousness starts to leave. I know what you are talking about. Somedays, I feel so "wound up", like I could have a heart attack or something.
I have to dig really deep on those days.

oh...ya know what....looking at your bucket list going horseback riding one more time. COME SEE ME....we could do that one together (tee,hee)Same with the about cross country.

good days lay ahead for you my friend.

Cheeseboy said...

Wow. That is a lot of ice skating one liners. I love to take the youth. I get to show off my sweet backwards skating skills. Alas, someone always falls on their face.

Mamafamilias said...

Know what you mean about the ice skating - the Singles Branch here went a couple of years ago and my daughter messed her knee up pretty bad. However, she said the guy who picked her up smelled good.

Still wasn't worth it though.

Mamafamilias said...

P.S I'm glad the private blog is working out well.

Melissa said...

oh man, i love zumba. but you're right. it has to be a great teacher. it makes all the difference in the world!!!

i'm glad i can still stalk you;)

Pedaling said...

wow, you really love your car.
too busy to shop saves a lot of $$.
so you didn't like your old zumba instructor?

rthompson said...

Preschools are petri dishes! Liam has visited his pediatrician twice this year...

CountessLaurie said...

Hi Chica! I am glad that you are able to continue blogging. I am glad you didn't bonk your noggin. I am glad you love your car.

I am glad I still get to read you. You bring a smile to my face.