Friday, February 4, 2011

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just though in my head

I have been racking my brains - trying to remember ANYTHING funny from the past little while.  I turned to my little notebook to see if I had written anything down.  I have nothing but a few scribbled notes
Pathetic.  I really need to work on my memory.  I know there has been stuff, but if I don't write it down RIGHT THEN - I completely forget.


"Nothing better than Satan's poison delivered right to your doorstep"

"Let me know how that tickling works out for ya"

"I know it's Fast Sunday.  That Baby Ruth bar in my pocket is a breath mint"


That's it kids.  What a disappointment. 
That's why I am turning it over to you.

Leave me something funny.  Hysterical funny.  LOL funny!  Or even a lame attempt at funny - I'll take it.

And I promise, I'll work harder on getting the funny's coming.

In the meantime go watch Cheeseboy yuk it up.  Gosh that dude is funny!


Tom said...

I like the Baby Ruth/breath mint quote. I guess all things are relative.

Miley said...

Satan's poison? doorstep?
Did my ex husband freeze his sperm and send it to you??

Garden of Egan said...

Ok well, I got nothin' funny on accounta it's freezing frickin' cold here.

but I saw something that made me laugh:

Forget falling in love....I'd rather fall in chocolate.

Mamafamilias said...

I got nothin'. But the Baby Ruth quote takes care of it all. Too funny.

I will say that I told the kiddo today that I was going to quit saying ugly words. Then I proceeded to rant and rave about one of her professors and how it p.o.s me (except I didn't just say p.o.) and she asked me if that's one of the words I was supposed to be giving up and I told her that didn't count. Does it?

Megan and Devin said...

Here's a good mental image for you: I fell UP my stairs today. Purse flew up and around my head and everything. Worst part about it? My brand new diet coke went flying THROUGH the space in the steps and landed in the rocks below me under the stairs.

Erin said...

I understand what you mean about not remembering anything unless you write it down right away. Sigh.

P.S. I love the idea of having a Baby Ruth bar in my pocket on Fast Sunday.

Scrappy Girl said...

Just wait til you start writing down some of the things your resident little person says. My littles crack me up.

tammy said...

"I know it's Fast Sunday. That Baby Ruth bar in my pocket is a breath mint" - I'm gonna use that for tomorrow.

Gramee said...

I know there is a reason I can't fast, some kind of medical condition.
My candy bar of choice is a milky way.

Oh I am giving up bad words for my grandkids I owe some one a quarter.

gigi said...

I got nothing here either :(

I have been in the worst funk and I just can't get out of it!

Cherie said...

"I like anything that is high performance!" ...Just saying :-D

Cherie said...

Oh also I heard this just Friday:

"I have an appointment to get rid of these things - I hate them they do not make me feel sexual".

Missy said...

I need some of that poison!!!

I am trying to play catch up, we all are sharing one computer!! It is making me angry!!

Teachinfourth said...

Delivered poison from Satan?