Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some deep thoughts about Autumn/Fall

I hate it.

The end.

Okay, no not the end because people will wonder and/or have their suspicions confirmed that I'm not necessarily normal.

Everyone loves fall.  Oh, the posts that are out there on Facebook and other blogs showing all the pictures (yes, I had some but they were only for my mother who sadly loves this season), the odes to the crispness in the air, back to school, open windows and pumpkin spice.

I say gag.

I literally hate fall.  I get a pit in my stomach and an ache in my heart.

Fall represents the end of summer.  The end of sunshine, hot cars, suntans, smells of Australian Gold, the pool, early morning runs, girls camp and late nights outside under the stars.

Instead, now it's cold air, dead leaves, brown grass and shortening days.
No more flip flops, shorts used sparingly, and back to long sleeves.

That's just the beginning.  Fall/Autumn ushers in Winter.  GAH - I hate winter.  I loathe winter.  I despise winter.  The darkness, the bitter cold, the wet, the snow, did I mention the cold?  And the dark?
Winter brings holidays which are a slight distraction but some years they just aren't enough to break through the smothering cloud of depression.  Winter means little to no actual running training for me because I just.can't.make.myself.go.outside.  Add that into the depression mix.  Winter sucks.

Oh but what about the Spring mCat?
Meh.  Okay, more them meh - BLEH!  Spring in Utah is so bipolar that one cannot even keep up with her moods.  One day will be gorgeous with sunshine and warmth leading one to hope of more to come. One has a sense of peace that things might be okay, and then SLAM!  The next day it's snowing again.  My mood swings with mother nature and ain't pretty.

Which brings me back to Summer.  The only true and living season on the face of the earth.  I bear my testimony of that one.

So as we head into fall, know this my peeps.  It's gonna get un-pretty around here.  I'll try to remain chipper, happy and full of sunshine, but there are no guarantees.  I'm giving a disclaimer right now that I cannot be held accountable for anything I may say in a negative fashion for the next 8-9 months.  It's not me talking.  It's the damn seasons.


tammy said...

You know I feel the same. AZ falls are the ones I like.

Annie said...

I've never heard anyone say they don't like fall. This makes you more of an interesting character than you were before.

namaste said...

i don't hate fall, but i am sad to see the summer end. *sigh* i'll miss playing tennis. if i lived in a bigger house i'd move all the furniture and play inside.

for a runner like you, cold weather can be a downer. but i'm sure there'll be great things happening when the season changes. it'll be fun! ;-)

Diana said...

It isn't really that you hate fall. You just live in the wrong state - just saying. We have running weather year round here in Florida and it is actually nicer in the winter.

karen said...

*blinking* Hmmm... okay, I can see your point. Just as you can see why I love fall because HERE, nothing really changes. We always wear shorts and flip flops. Fall just means new holidays and good food. But you are right about the bipolar spring in Utah. The last time I was there was for April conference. It snowed like a mother, and knocked the electricity out in our hotel. Needless to say, I watched it from my hotel room, nice and cozy, and let LaMar battle the blizzard.

Garden of Egan said...

I bear that same testimony my friend. Maybe not for the same reasons, but I too, LOATHE winter.
The dark.
The cold.


The colors are pretty though you must admit.

wendy said...

Are we all Bearing our Testimony today (ha ha)
I love fall...don't hate me
But I'd like 8 months of summer and 4 months of fall (does that add up to 12?)
Spring here is still cold and WET WET
Winter is
(just like everyone said)
And I can't make myself GO OUTSIDE in it either when it is 20 below !!!! And the wind is howling !!!
I'll have to double up on my Wellbutrin I am afraid.

Pedaling said...

have you considered moving to st. George.

" Hit It......." said...

You make me laugh. Every time I walk into a store and see fall decor, I think of you. How much you hate it....! I have to say, I love it! I agree with need to move to So Cali or St. George.

Bonnie said...

I would have to agree with you. Fall is pretty....but it leads to a l-o-n-g winter which isn't for everyone. I grew up near Buffalo, N.Y. and was cold ALL winter long and was stuck inside. Blech. Thirty-one years ago I married my husband and we've lived happily ever after in California. : ) It's made all the difference in the world for me.

Jamie said...

AZ has two seasons hot and not so hot. No fall here, just sayin....

Amy said...

You described Spring in Utah perfectly which is why it is my least favorite season. Except for the flowers blooming.

I understand you distaste for Fall since it ushers in Winter. It is my favorite but then again I even enjoy winter. I know crazy.

A friend of mine moved to St. George a couple of years ago because she could no longer handle the depression that hit her in Winter. Have you thought about doing that?