Saturday, September 15, 2012

My own little marathon today

This time last year, I was doing Top of Utah - my best time marathon time yet!  It was wonderful - wet, but wonderful, cathartic and I couldn't be happier with my time.

This year.....well, we all know where I'm at with running and it's not a happy place.

HOWEVER, when I saw THIS early in the morning
(yippee!  It's coming back)

and I felt pretty good, I wanted to do THIS a little bit and see how I faired.
(St George marathon 2010 - my first ever)

I waited for it to warm up a bit (wuss), got my running shoes on (felt so good), strapped on my ipod, garmin and sunglasses and headed out.

Garmin died before I even left the driveway.  Dead Battery.  CRAP

Back in the house, swap out Garmin for heart rate monitor and decide to ignore distance and instead go by time.

Heart rate monitor in and out with heart rate (perhaps I'm dead inside?), decided:  screw it - I'm going anyway.


Perfect temp, sun shining down on me, and while I was running INTO the wind - I was planning an out and back so I knew it would be pushing me on the way home.  I did an easy two and headed back.  As I came up my street and started to cool down, I evaluated how I was feeling.  Not bad.  So stomach spasm. No lightheadedness.  My lower legs were numb (have been for a few days) but I felt steady on them and they didn't hurt.  In fact, I felt like I could have gone much further!  I'd only been out for 40 minutes, had kept a nice steady pace with a couple of sprints thrown in just for fun and I still felt great.

That pretty much made my entire day!  Sure, I cleaned the house, the fridge, my car, some laundry and I am exhausted right now - but I am happily exhausted.

The two races that I REFUSE to give up this season:  St George Marathon and USMC Marathon ARE ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!

I will teach my body who's boss.  Oh yeah - she'll know that I OWN HER!

And that, was my own fun little marathon today.  Congrats to all my running friends who ran TOU and Cedar City half today!  Rockstars you are!


wendy said...

HOLY crap.....I don't think I've weighed that since I was 16.
Maybe that was my birth weight, not sure.
I know you haven't been well, and are "off your game", so if you are getting back on track that is GREAT.

can I buy you a BIG MAC

" Hit It......." said...

When is the USMC Marathon? I will come and take pictures of you. I wish I weighed what you do. I agree with Wendy...Can I buy you a Big Mac.

What about smoothies every day? We need to get you well.

Let me know if you need a photographer in training.

tammy said...

Wendy's cracking me up.

So glad you got to do what you love and not get sick from it. Many of us take those little things for granted. I love that K is offering to come take pics of you too.

Diana said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better and retaining a little bit of weight. Fortunately or unfortunately, I don't think I've been near that weight since I was 12 or 13. I am so glad you were able to run - I love reading your running exploits - but know that health comes firs.

Garden of Egan said...

Keep feeling better!!!

I think I have a thigh that weighs that much. I thought about doing a post with me standing on the scale, ya know, to motivate me to make healthy choices.

I didn't.
Too chicken of myself.

gigi said...

Baby steps or little runs what ever it takes to get you back to where you need to be to feel good and healthy. Keep it up!

Pedaling said...

there you go!
glad the numbers are going up and you are feeling a bit better.

Amy said...

So happy that you were able to do what you love. Keep up the positive attitude. You Rock!!!

namaste said...

you have the right attitude. sounds like the run did you good. i like that pink nail polish. and i'm a toe ring girl too! :)