Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I woulda never thunk it!

When I went to Tuffy's senior year spring parent teacher conference, I literally cheered and danced my way through the halls and out the door when it was all over. No.More.School crap.  Ever.

And then what do I hear when we get settled in for a long weekend in Chloeefornia?

Back To School Night!!

I will gladly admit that I was excited to be invited to go check out her school, her teacher and fellow classmates.   And the best part?  I could sit quietly as an observer and not need to ask any questions, gather any information, or sign a volunteer sheet.  Hell, I didn't even have to introduce myself to anyone.  I could just watch and bask in the happiness of seeing my son carry on the tradition of being an involved parent.

Had to don some shades first

(she takes a good pic eh?)

Their new home is literally just around the corner from the school, so we walked over and spent the first few minutes listening to the principal out on the playground

And then it was time to hit her classroom 
Don't let the few kids fool you.  This school has FIVE kindergarten classes.  FIVE!  With over 30 students each.  Because base housing is so fluid, they generally have no idea from year to year what numbers they are looking at, and this year took them by surprise.

The teacher introduced herself and at first, I was not overly impressed.  But, the longer she spoke and more background she gave and then reviewing the SYLLABUS.....I was stoked.
Seriously, the outline for the year was 6 pages or more.  The goals and expectations are high but completely attainable.  
I snapped pictures while Chlo's parents took time to speak with the teacher

Hearing the background and experience of her teacher was a very reassuring thing.  Military daughter, military wife and a long time educator.  She "gets" military children and their oftentimes unique education needs based on their transitory lives.

So excited for Chloee!  And even better, here it is a full day kindergarten which is just what she needs! Ever since Challenger, she has been ahead of the curve and ready for a challenge.  I think this teacher is the one to bring it!

Happy back to school Chlo!


karen said...

I love kindergartners! They're so enthusiastic and happy to be there. What a treat to be able to see her classroom, meet the teacher, etc, but not actually have any serious responsibility. She sure is a cute little girl!

Mae Rae said...

This is so exciting. You didn't even have to fill out the 16 pages of medical and emergency forms. You lucky duck!

gigi said...

I know that was so exciting for Chloe to have her GRANDparents there with her too. What a treat for all of you.

Pedaling said...

so exciting and she is so dang cute, getting cuter by the minute-if that's even possible!

tammy said...

How fun that you got to be there for that. I still cannot believe she is that old! Kindergarten is the best. Sometimes I really miss not having a kindergartener.