Friday, September 7, 2012

How do the Cat's play when the Mouse is in school?

By a lot of this'n and that'n

First we have to get the stinker to school and in class
(she likes to show California where she lives, Nevada "where Rosa lives" and Utah where Mimi and Poppa live)

Next up - a run.  YES I SAID RUN!  I did it! Only 2 miles of actual running, but I did it!  And it felt great!

(In my little 5k loop, there is an overlook to the ocean and this cool monument)

Then a little beach time

This is an amphitheater that they have daily work out's on.  I love the bleachers painted in a flag

Couple of shells I found - but overall quite disappointed with the dirty beach.  It smelled of oil and had black streaks all through the sand at the shoreline.  Made me homesick for Cancun, and more than a little excited for St Thomas.  But the crash of the waves?  Universally a beautiful sound!

Some farmer's market
I'm sure the vendors just love me touching everything.  There were some VERY cool stuff and we tried some great things.  Marinated garlic cloves, spicy hummus, perfect salsa and Splenda bought some fresh grapes.  I think I am a new fan of the farmer's market!

then various errands which included going on base and quickly going back off.  Totally forgot about the strict dress standards and appearances while on base.  Do they make sense?  Not all the time, but they are the rules.  From finishing our runs until afternoon, we just kept going - no clean up just getting stuff done.
So when we pulled in the commissary parking lot to meet Corb for lunch, I wondered why we were getting all the looks while walking towards the meeting spot.  (I thought it was just my awesome guns). I could see it the minute I saw Corb's face that there was a problem and it wasn't a little one.  NO PT (physical training) clothing on base if you are not actually in the process of PT.  Plain and simple, we were still all in our workout clothes.  No go.  We were being looked at weird because we stood out as clearly non-compliant.  Two seconds later we hustled back to the car and off base to find some lunch and finish the errands.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, playing with Chlo, dinner out and watching Obama speak.  I could write a whole post about how I feel regarding THAT, but not now.  Instead, just basking in the fact that I could spend a day just tootling around with Splenda and my DILove in the SoCal sun.

And really who doesn't love a sleeping child?


Just SO said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! (Well except for the non-compliance part..yikes!) And that sleeping child is adorable!

Enjoy the sound of the waves and the lusciousness of the moist air for me will ya?

namaste said...

oh yes, they are even more beautiful when they sleep. i love the ocean pictures. makes me wistful. i need to visit the ocean :)

congratulations on your 2 miles! that must have felt AMAZING!

wendy said...

Oh my, I'd just love to kiss those little cheeks.
I LOVE the beach and the sound of the waves. Funny...cause I am terrified of water, but I am mesmerized by the ocean.
I loved that picture with the fog...or mist...or whatever that was.
I am glad you got to do a bit of a run cause I know how much you love it.
Enjoy these days sweety

tammy said...

Farmer's Markets are the best. And so is some beach time. But the best is Chloee time.