Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pity Party - the GOOD kind

There are two times a year, that I will support a "pity party".  Okay, I actually host it.

Homecoming and Junior Prom.

Ever been the girl that is TOO young to go but all your friends are going?  Or, the girl that didn't get asked?

Well I have!  And it's a drag being at home while everyone else is out having fun.  I got the idea while my boys were in high school and the last two years have made it a tradition for my Young Women who are 9th grade and older (or 14 and older - technically high school since 9th grade is Freshmen).

On the night of the big school shindig, I host a "pity party" for the rest of us!  Pity is a word used loosely and mostly in jest.  There is NO pitying allowed - JUST the partying!

Pizza, games and a movie.  All the girls get home before curfew and we always get our traditional dance picture with Jesus (did this with all my boys).

My hope is that the young women will realize they don't HAVE to go to every single school function to have a life and to have fun.  Their self esteems do NOT rest on whether or not they have been asked to a dance.
Most importantly, that no matter what....their leader (again term used loosely) mCat loves them no matter what!

*sorry Em - we should have taken the pic before you left- crap!  Feel free to snag, photoshop you in and send it back*


tammy said...

If ever I'm in YW's, I'm doing this! I know when I was a YW, there would have been many times I'd rather have done this than gone to the dance.

Jamie said...

You are fabulous, what a great idea!

Mindy said...

I love this idea! I think it is a wonderful thing to do for the young women.

Mrs. Organic said...

What a fabulous idea! YOU are fabulous! I think I'm doing this with my girls and I'm not in YWs either. We have 42 YW - can you believe it? That's a lot of girls.

Amy said...

This is an amazing thing you are doing for these girls. You'er awesome!