Saturday, July 23, 2011

When I became a JetBlue fan and some other random crap

So, Chloee is making final preparations to live with Daddy and Mommy Karalee.  This weekend, is a visit as part of her transition.  To make it efficient, I need to NOT be around.  We had plans to fly me right back and forth, but I waited too long to book the flights and they got too expensive.  The other option was a cheap motel room right by base that I could crash in for the couple of days.  Again, waited too long to book and the cheap room was gone, everything else too expensive.  I fretted for several days not really knowing what to do.  I contacted one of my cute young women who is now grown up and married and living near Corb to see if I could crash on her couch for a night.  Of course, she graciously agreed and was more than welcoming to let me stay and do what I needed/wanted too.  Seems like we had a solution even though I felt really bad about imposing on Courtney.  I just can't bring myself to impose on people.  I hate that feeling!

Thursday night, as I skyped with the kids to review the plan and make sure they could drop me off at Court's and pick me back up again, Corb got the idea that he might be able to find me something affordable with his military discount. I was told to not worry about it and they would take care of everything.  I can't even tell you what a relief it was.  I went to bed that night knowing that I could just hide out all weekend and not bother anyone while Chloee had all the bonding time she could with Daddy and Kar.

Friday afternoon, bestie Debbie dropped Chloee and I off at SLC International.  Since we've done this a couple times now, Chloee has become extremely good at the drill.  She carries her own suitcase and backpack.  Gets her shoes off and gets things in the bins at security.   Walks through and follows instructions from TSA and generally, she is a fantastic air traveler.  The hardest part is keeping her by my side in the airport.  She is so independent and determined to do things herself no matter how difficult or how long it might take.  Love the independence but hard when we are in a sea of people.

We flew JetBlue this time because it was so much cheaper and a direct flight to Long Beach.  Sorry Tammy, but we are now JetBlue fans.  We have never been treated more kindly!  At the ticket desk, the agent was warm, friendly to Chloee and helped me get all our things to the TSA to be checked.  Speaking of TSA - well done SLC - the large scissors in my backpack went through just fine.  Didn't even  remember I had them until I got to CA and unpacked.  Feeling safe!

At the gate, I was unsure of the boarding process and so I approached a gentleman standing there to ask if they had family boarding or if it was strictly by rows.  He laughed and said, "I'm sorry ma'am, I'm just the pilot.  All I know is how to fly the plane but you can ask this nice lady here and she'll have the answer."  He directed me to a woman who had just walked up to the desk and she explained when we would board.

When family boarding was called, we walked to the gate and there was the same lady checking boarding passes who was the ticket agent a couple of hours earlier!  She looked right down at Chloee and said, "Well hello again Chloee!  Have a great flight!"  To see Chloee's face light up that someone spoke directly to her and called her by name was pretty priceless!

As we entered the plane there are usually the flight attendants up front watching as we load.  In addition, the pilot from the gate was there.  He looked at Chloee and said, "Well there's my girlfriend - I've been waiting for you!  Wanna go in the cockpit?"  Of course, Chloee wanted too!  He took her in there and handed her over to two other gentlemen in the cockpit who welcomed her in, had her sit in the pilots seat, strapped her in and then said "Mom?  You gottta camera?"    I quickly pulled mine out while saying, "I'm not Mom, just Grandma."......... and then added "hey, that's your que to say 'A grandma?  You don't look old enough to be a Grandma!' so should we try that again boys?"  They turned and looked at me and started laughing!  The one asked Chloee if I was really her Grandma and talked to her about the plane for a minute.  After a couple of pics, they gave her her "wings", I thanked them profusely, and we headed for our seats.

 Other than having to kick out the asian lady sitting in Chloee's seat who wanted the window for herself and her large carry on (which I put in the overhead bin for her), the flight was pretty great.  The attendants were very nice.  I even asked to purchase a set of headphones and was given them for free. 

As we left the plane, again the pilot was up front and greeted his "girlfriend" as Chloee passed by.  They were so nice and fun and CUTE with her.  Also, the other pilot that had been in the cockpit when I cracked my Grandma joke was waiting for me.  He said that he felt bad that it took him so long to catch on to the joke and handed me my own set of 'wings' to make up for it.  Really?? How cute is that??
Add in the fact that we watched TV the entire flight, and well, we are JetBlue fans.  Yes, I still love Southwest and a particular pilot, but sheesh, this was a great experience!

The bummer came when apparently Thursday night I told Corbin that we were flying into JohnWayne when we really flew into Long Beach.  GOSH!  I swear to you, I can't keep anything straight or remember anything these days!  So frustrating.  Anyway, so Chloee and I had a little wait until the could get us picked up. Which ended up being okay since she loved watching the little birds and it took me the full 45 minutes to realize that I again had forgotten to retrieve the car seat.  Gave some time to find someone at JetBlue and get it from the office.  I swear to you, I am losing my ever loving mind!

Corb and Kar pulled up and we loaded everything in.  I should have had my camera out to record Chloee's reaction at seeing him again.  Priceless!  She was so excited she was literally bouncing up and down!!

At this point, I knew Corbin had set me up in a hotel and that it was a nice one.  I was just excited to lay down and sleep.  We drove south and next thing I know, he is pulling into this:


Garden of Egan said...

I am so glad things went smoothly. Chloee sounds like she is doing so well and ready for the transition. You all have done things so great for her.
She has so much love and support.

Ya for the Hilton! Go Corbin!

Oh, I told Connie that you were going to pick apricots for me and make jam. You all your spare time.
I thought it was real nice of me.

Melissa said...

Aw, I used to work at jetblue! I love them. That is so awesome they were so cute with chloee.

Mrs. Organic said...

Nice digs! And I love jetblue forever.

gigi said...

Oh, pick me some apricots too!!! And oh, yeah, the jam thing too would be a nice touch :)

Great time with Jetblue, I'll be pricing them soon as we get time to go anywhere :)

Cute pics of Chloee! And you so deserve the Hilton if not better! REST!!!!!!!

suz said...

Great post! What a wonderful day for Chloee, and gosh, you'd think those Jetblue people actually want to keep their customers! But who could resist Chloee? And they only saw a cute, polite little girl; they had no idea what a wonderful person she is!

just call me jo said...

Never flown JetBlue. Never stayed at Hilton either. Look at all the things you've done that I haven't. You go, girl. How nice for Chloe, too.

tammy said...

I'm glad it was such a good trip! Luvpilot always lets kids up front too, unless they're running late.

Pedaling said...

I've never flown Jet Blue...
I wonder why that is?

I am convinced and must try it.

Glad your flight and all that went with it turned out so positive and happy.

Amy said...

I haven't flown jet blue because they don't go into anywhere that I have flown so far. Sounds like a great experience for Chloee.

Erin said...

What a lovely experience with JetBlue, and getting Chloee priceless time with her daddy and Karalee.