Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Hilton, the sun and all things relaxing.

I've never stayed at a Hilton before! We parked, got me all checked in, and scoped out the place quickly. I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect! A nice room, with nice amenities, a pool, workout room, wifi, and comfy bed. I was delighted and so grateful to Corbin and Karalee for doing this for me!!

They left for home, I kicked back on the bed, skyped Splenda and ordered a pizza. Delightful, delightful, DEE-LIGHT-FUL! No work. No kids. No responsibilities. I brought my book, my magazines, my laptop and decided I would do whatever I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it.

By the time my eyes finally shut down, I was exhausted.  It had been a LONG day and quite frankly not a great one.  But that is all for the private URL.  I was just glad for it to be over and for blessed sleep to come.

I woke early Saturday morning.  Earlier than I really wanted too.  Since I paid for two days of the internet, I got on and started reading blogs that I have wanted to catch up on.  Wasn't long before I fell right back asleep and didn't stir again until noon.  That.Was.Awesome!

I put on my two piece, cover up, and after making a quick walk to the gas station for diet brown bubbly, headed for here:

Ahhhh.......sun worshipping.  My favorite quiet thing to do.  I slathered on some sunscreen and was instantly taken to Cancun.  I can't smell Australian Gold without thinking of Cancun.  Can I just say my heart actually hurt to go there?  Yeah.  Aches I tell you!  I kept tabs on my time and flipped evenly.  Finished my book The Grieving Child and allowed myself to go places in my head I usually don't let myself.  Did I cry?  Yep.  Right there at the Hilton pool.  Good thing I had my sunglasses on and no one knew that the old lady browning over there was sobbing her little heart out.   Cathartic?  Maybe.  Necessary?  Prolly. 

After cooking nicely, I staggered back up to my room, laid down on the cool sheets for a few minutes and again used my paid-for-internet time.  I evaluated my color for the day and proclaimed it a success:

After a quick shower, I decided to walk around the hotel a bit and continue to watch all the people that I been silently mocking all day.  See, there is this little dance competition going on at the hotel:

So, while I was told to take some pictures, I haven't found an opportunity to do it and not look like a creeper so here straight from the internet is what I have been seeing all day:

In the halls, the elevator, the terrace.....little Jon-Benet look alikes with these ringlet wigs and flashy dresses.  Some have shoes like the picture but most have soft shoes with laces winding around their legs.  All hovered over by Mom's and Grandma's who ooh and aaah, encourage, correct, fuss, primp and fondle them all.  I was going to be all snarky about it, but since I really know nothing about it, can't really offer anything other than "Why all the makeup?"  Little girls made to look like hookers.  Not understanding.

I had dinner in the hotel lobby bar/restaurant and read my USAT Triathlon mag.  Great food, but oh so expensive!  Good thing, it's the only meal I need here  : )

For the rest of the night, I think I'll work on getting my money's worth of the paid for wifi!


Mom of 12 said...

I love hotels! They are a lot smaller and easier to clean than my house...
So glad you are having fun!

gigi said...

REST, REST!!!!!!1

Mamafamilias said...

Good for you!!! Glad you got a little rest-time there.

And the little girls/makeup/Toddlers&Tiaras kind of thing just TEARS MY NERVES UP!!! Just so ya know.

That pool looks wonderful.

just call me jo said...

I've never stayed at a Hilton either. You bask and relax. Ah, peace and quiet. You're in heaven, sister.

tammy said...

Sounds like it was very muchly needed. Good on your firstborn and Karalee to do that for you. And nice shoulder.

Pedaling said...

you're nice to bite you tongue on your real feelings of little girls all made up to look like...uhmmm....
i don't know really much about that either.

the hotel....dreamy time alone...much needed--the pool, the diet coke, all icy and a nice bed in a beautiful it!

LKP said...

i'm digging the tan lines. we need to conversate over swimsuits cause i need a new one, and i am a tan-line-aholic! (not that i've had the time to slow down and get any lines this year.) but i'm all for a good line. does that make me weird? k, i'll shut up now. just trying to figure out the cut, since i'm leaning towards a new halter/tie style with wide straps for support, but unsure about whether its comfy behind the neck or not. i'm just guessing from the line, but is that the kind you have and if so, does it ever bother your neck? k, all my weirdness aside, so glad you're getting some much needed R&R! ::hugs::

Teachinfourth said...

Wow, so THIS is the way those rich folk live...

Vanessa said...

I HAVE FABULOUS MEMORIES OF THAT EXACT HOTEL! Because that is where Elton and I spent our wedding night.

The End.

Diaper Diva said...

Nice tan!
Really jelous of all that alone time!
Lived in Ireland, and none of the girls dancing there look like hookers. Don't get it either.

DesertHen said...

Sounds like a nice little get-away!

I don't get the little girls looking like hookers thing either!!!