Friday, July 8, 2011

Courage =

On Sunday, we were having a lesson in YW about Courage.  The girls were asked to think of someone that they thought exemplified courage.  A few named some awesome examples from the scriptures and I let my thoughts wander to the different people I interact in my own life and found myself listing several people - women, children, men - who show a lot of courage.

However, my thoughts always came back to Chloee.  Right now, I look at her and think she is the very epitome of courage.  She has been through so much in her short life, and yet, she carries on with happiness cheerfulness and an infectious enthusiasm for life.

The last week or so, she has definitely been showing signs that she is much more aware of her situation and how her life is different than other kids.  A commercial came on TV the other night that prompted her to think about her parents.  She said, "I miss Mommy and Daddy"  We talked about it, got some pictures of Jill and let her go through them, tell us her favorite and why and just talk about her.  We talked about Daddy and California and that very, very soon she will be living there.  We are helping her understand that kids live with their parents.  Not their grandparents.  We've had fun with her here, and it was necessary while Daddy finished up school, but now he is ready for her and that is where she belongs.  She's okay with it all and I think that she is going to adjust just fine.  Both Karalee and Corbin are committed to making it great for her. 

With all the crap over the past 4 years she has dealt with, the future and the challenges it will bring, I cannot help but think, this girl is COURAGE.  The very definition of it.  Courage to face life knowing that a small piece of her will always be missing.  Courage to live in a new place with new friends and a new school.  Courage to live the military life while her Daddy serves.  Courage to continue growing, learning and becoming the amazing daughter of God she is destined to be.  Yeah, Chloee to me = Courage.

Taping a box to be ready for Daddy and Karalee

Playing burrito style with Tuffy

Learning football with Poppa

(can you tell Jack has been biting the ball? Stupid dog)

She LOVES Jack - LOVES him!

Spaghetti face!

Poppa health shake - mmmmm

Her mask from school - she loved scaring everyone!

Yes, lil Miss Chloee Belle is the most courageous 4 year old I have ever known.  She is destined for wonderfulness.  She will do and BE great!

Courage = Chloee


Cherie said...


Cherie said...

Because I'm juvenile and I really like to do that sometimes :-D

Cherie said...

YES!! To everything in this post. Chloee is a courageous little girl and will probably have to continue to be since growing up without herr mom will be tough many times throughout her life.

And yet, she is so beautiful and so blessed!!

Suzie said...

That word does sum her up, for sure. Her eyes tell it all. She is such a beauty.

Kristin said...

What a darling! And how Miss Chloee Belle must brighten you lives and home. Treasued times for sure.


Connie said...

She's blessed to have you!

Great mask! :)

tammy said...

She is an extra special spirit for sure.

Amy said...

Chloee is very courageous. I am sure part of her courage comes from the great support system she has in you and your family. Good work!

Diaper Diva said...

She is an extra special girl. I think her Mimi has lots of courage too!

Anastasia said...

This is so true. It amazes me how kids have so much courage without even knowing it.

Diana said...

Chloee is very courageous but so is her grandmother.

Anastasia said...

I added this post to my weekly links post because I loved it so much.

Sue said...

I think she has learned how to be courageous from you and your family. What great examples of love and tenderness you have shown her.

She is a fiesty spirit, with a courageous heart.. A great combination.