Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling

It's late at  night, I am on my meds, so this could be interesting.

I finally got caught up on my google reader.  I have realized that I can no longer comment on EVERY SINGLE POST.  Even thought I would like to.  But I read them all and comment if I feel like I have something to say of any kind of purpose or value.  I do like the glimpses into people's lives.

I am too old to keep making the drive to St George.  I fall asleep EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  This trip, I was fine until the sign to Kanosh.  And then it was like a brick hit me and I couldn't keep my eyes open.  After the second time drifting, I pulled the car way off the side of the road and closed my eyes.  I think I was asleep for about 45 minutes and only woke to a tapping at my window.  I opened my eyes to see a UHP officer.  I scrambled up and rolled down the window.  He asked if I was okay, and I explained I was just too tired to even make it to Beaver.  He was very nice, checked again to see if I was okay, asked where I was headed.  He noted that he could tell I was tired since he had been knocking on my window for several minutes.  Commended me for pulling off the road rather than crashing and then before he walked away, asked if I was okay one more time.  Humiliating. 
I felt better for a nap though.

So I came home with something from the Tri at Echo after all.  A staph infection.  Wicked looking sore on the back of my neck.  Theory is my swim cap rubbed some skin raw, and thus the staph set in.  Applying topical antibiotics and will start oral ones if not better by tomorrow or spreading.  So far, looking good.

I have not been to Moab, UT for YEARS.  Since I was a kid and an arch was renamed and dedicated in honor of my Great Grandfather.  Splenda has never been there.  We are headed down Wednesday night to have a weekend vacay with Montana and her family.  So excited I can hardly stand it!  Chloee will have such a blast!  Plans for river rafting, hiking, hanging out with cool people.  Very, very excited!

Chloee is doing swimming lessons right now and absolutely LOVING it.  She smiles constantly for the 30 minutes she is in the lesson.  I need to start taking some pictures.

Started playing around on the Google +
I'm digging it.  If you want an invite, let me know - leave your email address.  It's pretty fun, and I wouldn't be surprised if it takes over Facebook.  Just like Facebook took over MySpace.
Technology moves forward.

Tired of traveling for work.  It's hard on me.  I am too old.  It's no longer something that comes easy for me. 

I need to retire.  Work is miserable.  I don't like it.  I don't enjoy it.  I want to spend my time doing other things.  Guess I should start making runs to ID for the lottery eh?

Got upgraded to the honeymoon suite again at my usual hotel here in Santa Jorge.  Until they can get the wifi fixed in the other building, I refuse to stay there, so if they haven't set things up just right, I end up in the big nice room, with the big nice bed and the big nice bathroom.  All by myself.

I think we are really onto something with these pre-race and post-race massages.  I seem to perform well, and recover even better.  I am a believer!

Is it just me or is there really nothing on TV these days?  Since the Casey Anthony trial is over, I feel a little at a loss. 

We are not going to talk about the verdict.  It just pisses me off.

My weekend of the 24th just opened up - anyone want to do the Deseret News 10k with me?

I want a new hairstyle and color - just can't decide what to do.  Open to suggestions.

Thankful for a wonderful house/dog sitter.  I can leave and know that all is well with my home and my babies.

Craving candy.  Never mind that I had an ice cream cone earlier today, I'm still craving candy.

Am going to sleep to fight off the crave.



" Hit It......." said...

I am sorry that you are not enjoying work lately. I wish you could retire. I know you would find plenty to do.

I am so busy, I can't find time to work out. I miss it. We need to get together.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE an invite to google + my email:


Garden of Egan said...

You crack me up.

I need to check out the google+ thing, but am too busy being lazy.
I am not sure I want to learn one more thing. I never did myspace.
Barely into facebook.

Ya, come to ID and get a lottery ticket. I'll give you a buck and you can buy one for me too.

Have a blast on your little vacay. You deserve it and Cholee is gonna love it. I look forward to pictures.

Mae Rae said...

i want to comment all the time too but don't seem to have the time.

i miss it!

Pedaling said...

sure, I'll take an invite to the Google thingy.

a staph infection? ooh, that sucks.

I realized a long time ago I couldn't comment on a post unless I really had something to say. I still read all my favorites, though, even if I don't comment. It is hard to keep up with 'em all.

Swim lessons and kids are pure joy, fun and a great way to wear them out!

tammy said...

I haven't had time to mess around with Google+. I have friends in my circles, but that's it. You'll have to tell me what you like about it.

I'm glad Mr. Police Officer found you and not some weirdo. I can't stay awake during road trips either. Even short two hour ones. Puts me out.

I need a massage.

Heather said...

WHAT! Staph? That is crazy, but of course you have a great attitude about it.

DesertHen said...

I hear ya on the driving thing and getting sleepy! I can remember driving for hours and it never bothered me...what the heck happened...oh yeah, I'm gettin old! UGH! Glad you pulled over and took a little nap. STAPH! ICK! Hope it goes away quickly. Enjoy your little get-away! =)

just call me jo said...

Eat candy and go to sleep. I love your medicated post. You don't have to comment on every blog. Just mine. ;o) when you can.

Sleep tight.

Cheeseboy said...

Well that was surprisingly normal for being on the drugs.

We are headed to St. George tomorrow. I'm driving. Can't fall asleep!

K Dogg and Dust said...

Hi Melissa, I am Kaley (Oliver) Waite, I used to date Luke and I used to be friends with Jill. I found your blog whilr blog stalking, Can I just say I love your blog. I look forward to it and I love how you aren't all "my perfect life is perfect and I have a perfect family and I am happy every second" all the time. Being a blog stalker it makes me feel like a normal person, when plenty of other blogs are a little braggy and fake. I just wanted to say thanks for entertaining me. And GO YANKEES! It has been a great week for them!

wendy said...

Google +, never heard of it. I am barely doing facebook, and don't want to get involved in ANOTHER internet communication thingy.
I am getting too old for this.
I just want to get with friends and have lunch..Like You.
Real people, doing Real things.

Have fun in Moab, I love that place.
I APPLAUD you for pulling over and taking a nap when you knew you were getting tired.
I fell asleep behind the wheel once (did I tell you that story) and drove off the road. I got off lucky that time. So now I am paranoid when I drive and get all BUZZED up on those speed pill thingys.
It sucks when you hate your job. Hope it gets better for ya.

Anastasia said...

ooo oo I want an invite!

Lindzena said...

Ha, this is funny. I am definitely glad you didn't run off the road. As far as Google+, I have heard about it but know little about it. I suppose we will see how well it does, eh? Will it get a movie made about its creator? We will have to wait and see.

Mrs. Organic said...

It's still a bit lonely on G+, I can't wait for more people to be on there.

Road trips kill me.