Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Belated Birthday Bash

I wanted the Shark to know just how many people love her and are her friends.  Lately she's had a few show their true colors and it's been hurtful - Tib needed a reminder of how awesome she really is.

We met at Texas Roadhouse for some good chewin' and FUN!
l-r around this section of the table:
Tib, Stace, Jimmy, Ana (you can just see the top of her head), Ree, Deb, Karie, Sheila and just the face of Jason

Suzanne (her hubby Mark is next to her but out of the shot), Jason at the end, Vanessa, Amy and Splenda

Apparently we all talk a lot with our hands

Lot's of presents

Sorry for the quality of the pictures.  I suck. 

And then I had a small program planned for her.  Okay, not really a program but a tradition I like to do for close friends who can take it.
For your viewing pleasure (and Splenda's utmost embarrassment)

I realize I have no shame.  That is what makes me, me.  Whatev.

The lunch was fun - thank you to all who were able to make it!

And finally,  a most Happy Happy Birthday to the Shark - hope you know how much you are loved!!

(those would be her footed pajamas - we need a shot of the cute penguins on her feet!)

PS - I hear there is another, better video version, stay tuned for an encore presentation and yes I am available for birthday;s and bar mitvah's


Mae Rae said...

You guys are too awesome. Hope it was fun for all.

gigi said...


Ann Marie said...

You crack me up!!
What a good friend you are... :)

Garden of Egan said...

Hilarious! You are sorta slutty in the vid, but I would expect no less from someone named MCat. I'm jealous too, cuz you really know the meaning of cleavage!

Happy Birthday to Shark! She has a great bunch of friends for sure!
Looks like a ton of fun!

Garden of Egan said...

uh, you should probably avoid the Bar Mitzvahs and baptisms. It will scare the children.

" Hit It......." said...

Your solo was really good and I have never laughed so hard. Thanks for inviting me. Happy Birthday to "The Shark."

LKP said...

baptisms & barmitzvahs? might actually convert those kiddies to the dark side, cleavagely-speaking of course. lol. :D

i actually met vanessa when i was in utah that week in october! kim's husband is vanessa's cousin i'm thinking (if i remember right). she's quite nice & funny.

anyhow, miss you oodles after seeing your laughing, zany self on a vid. miss you like i miss raspberry cream cheese turnovers from subway!!!!!!


(p.s. happy belated birthday, Tib!)

Missy said...

What an awesome group of friends!
You are the greatest!

The video is hilarious!!!!

Wonder Woman said...

looks like a super-fun bash. you're a fabulous friend.

Vanessa said...

It was a most fun birthday lunch. And I am glad I got to see the boob pushing up from you in person.

CountessLaurie said...

Awww, you are so sweet!! Tell her to forget the losers and focus on the winners like you! (And then give me names and addresses so I can kick em in the ankles for her!)

Happy Birthday, Shark!!

tiburon said...

You are the best friend a girl could ask for. Thanks for making my day so special and for being my friend. I know it is difficult ;)

Oh, and thanks for the birthday song - it was the best ever.

wendy said...

I couldn't get the video to play for me on my dang computer system I have here...it kept breaking up.
But I KNOW you'd be the best kind of friend ever.
You are a true heart for sure.
through thick and thin

Um....my birthday is Sept. 12...Texas Roadhouse sounds good to me

Martha H. said...

Yet another reason why you are one of my all time favorite people in the whole world.

tammy said...

Damn.it. I knew I was going to be sorry I wasn't there.

Plain Jame said...

You guys are funny. You're like sisters that grow old and pick on each other but really love each others guts so much it hurts.
And you KNOW people are envious of your friendship. It's golden.
I was sad I had to miss it. I'll be really pissed if I ever have to miss a party with you singing ever again!