Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Traditions - Installation Five

The Ward Christmas Party

For my non-LDS friends, a ward is the congregation that meets each Sunday.  Members are determined by geographical boundaries - at least that's the simplified way of explaining it.

Our ward has the Christmas party fairly early in the season, which I personally prefer.  And it always includes a great dinner, and then some entertainment.

For the past several years, we have had the high school Madrigal singing group or other performing choir come and perform.  Which for us older adults, is great.  But for the scores of little kids, it can make for a painful evening of being sssh'd and having to sit on hard chairs.

This year, I don't know who had the brilliant idea, but it was PERFECT.  They had the primary kids present the program.  Hands down, it was my favorite year!

Was it the cute songs?  The little ones dressed like angels, shepherds and wise men? 
Or was it really my own personal star of the show?

So when they called all the primary kids to come and get into costume, Sissy watched and decided she wanted to be a part  of it.  I tried really hard to get good pictures
she wouldn't turn around, but from the back she is a dang cute shepherd kid

While the kids were getting dressed The Brownings performed and Bishop accompanied on the guitar.  How many of you can say your Bish can shred it up on the guitar?  yeah, I didn't think so - he rocks!

Some ventriloquism work - nicely done Jared!

The kids started to gather but Sissy was more comfortable having Splenda close at hand for the first few minutes

getting a little bored.  In fact, at about this time, they moved a couple of young kids up to the stage to be narrators.  Sissy decided that she wanted  to be on stage to, so much to my embarrassment, she got up, walked around the group of kids, climbed up on stage and proceeded to cross the entire thing to sit with the narrators.  Splenda lost the paper/scissors/rock and had to go after her.

Finally on stage.  Why yes, that IS a cookie she eating.  She snagged that as they were walking up backstage

She was mildly interested in the other people on stage with her.

This pic is dark, but notice the shepherd staff in her hand.  This becomes important later.  She totally kifed it from some other child

This is one bored shepherd - such true Sissy fashion

And this one is purely for my friend Karen.  Now she can snag it and blackmail him the rest of his life.

The cutest little shepherd ever has tossed the turban (itchy), finished her cookie, had to give back the staff and is now ready to go home.

And while I got some crappy pictures, cute Kirsten got some awesome video.

My cookie-eatin, ninja bo-staff wielding shepherd girl

She is the one on the far right of your screen. Seriously was the crack up of the program. 
Thanks Kirsten for sharing the video

Best Ward Christmas Party evah!


Mamafamilias said...

Well it's like this, some folks learn to play the harp and throw rocks while they're tending the sheep. Others learn how to deliver serious ninja moves with the shepherd's staff.

Please tell your Primary children good job on the "Shepherds' Carol". That's my primary's favorite song. They beg to sing it after Christmas even.

Jewls said...

I'm glad yours was fun, ours was a disappointment this year :(

tammy said...

Way to get in on the act Sissy!

Our ward Christmas party was this morning at 8 o-freaking-clock. Who's idea of a party was that? Especially when I have to be there at 7:30 with two whining boys to set up. At least the food was outstanding.


That was a fabulous stroke of genius on someone's part. We seem to always miss our ward party.Yep, we are "that" family....

wendy said...

Now THAT is what I call a Ward Christmas party worthy of attendance.
And, did you know, that's how I pick which ward I want to go to...the Bish has to rock the guitar. And hopefully have a goatee.
Your little shepard is the bomb. I bet there WAS a wandering shepherd at Christ's birth. Just hanging around, wondering Whaz up, looking for a better staff to kife, was probably tempted with the frankensense (sp) (or was in Incense??) stashing gold in her pockets, and stuffing unlevened bread in her mouth.
ya never know...........

Cheeseboy said...

Fun. But no Santa? Or maybe he shows up DURING the nativity?

Is your madrigal group that comes WJH? They always have some very fun songs for the kids. Just wondering.

The ward Christmas party... nothing beats it. Just as long as they have ham.

Missy said...

OMG! She is hollywood bound! LOL
LOVE the tongue pic!

carma said...

you guys really do it up ! Glad Sissy participated :)

" Hit It......." said...

At least you know that Cissy will always be a leader and not a follower. That kid rocks!

btw - your pictures do not suck. I loved them!

Wife Of A Salesman said...

Tera and I were gushing over Sissy too, she was so tiny and cute. Will was so excited to be a shepherd, he even brought a tiny stuffed sheep to tend. It was Jody's brain storm and alot of work... You should be in charge of the primary living nativity next year...hee hee hee.

Teachinfourth said...

I was thinking that it was a 'psycho' ward…thanks for clearing that Mormon stuff up…


Sometimes I kill myself...

Suzie said...

Oh my cute. I rolled at this story/blog/post.
Love that she had to get in on the action. Such a beauty with a sassy personality to boot.

and Primary Nativity scenes?
yes please.

Loralee and the gang... said...

So cute! I just love those Primary kids - and not just cuz I still have a couple of them in there...;-)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ah, the ward Christmas party, life just wouldn't be the same without them. :D

And that little Sissy is a natural! LOL!

Martha H. said...

That's hilarious! You gotta love it when they just don't care.

Cherie said...

I guess I better get my husband a guitar for Christmas!! He can really jam on Guitar Hero - does that count? Ha Ha
I was cracking up at Sissy - those are the kinds of things I love to see at a ward party!!!

CountessLaurie said...

She was guarding her flock with some mad skilz... that's for sure...

Mae Rae said...

kowabunga mama! this was precious.