Friday, December 3, 2010

Birthday lunch with the girls

Lunch date?  Heck yeah - I am there!

One of many celebrations for the Shark!

Ree, Me and Tib

Can you believe it was Ree's first time at Cafe Rio?  Blasphemy really.

And of course the little's needed their pics taken too.

And I really should stop fixating on that half of container of creamy dressing that Ree threw away.  I mean, sure she didn't know, but GAH!!!


tiburon said...

It was the bestest. Mostly because of the company.

I am really glad we got to walk Ree through her first time - I don't think she will EVER throw dressing away again!!

tammy said...

She just threw it away!!!??!

Mae Rae said...

No Cafe Rio's around here so i guess i miss the dressing reference. On a completely side look awesome in Camo!

LKP said...

no cafe rios here either....nor were there any while we lived in eastern idaho. i hear i'm missing out entirely. ;)