Monday, December 20, 2010

My Marine Monday

Not gonna lie - this sucks not having him home for Christmas.  If he had been able to do his cycle of training, he would be on his way back tomorrow.

He ended up with his Christmas present before he left, and I was grateful that worked out, but really, I wanted him to have SOMETHING from us for Christmas.

Who comes to my rescue?  Momma Lisa!
My diva, my running partner, my Legally Dead cohort, my partner in crime!
It just so happens that she and her family are going to SD for Christmas and offered to take packages.  I sent his Christmas jammies (to be opened Christmas eve), and his stocking full of goodies.  We also sent his laptop so he didn't have to borrow anyone else's.

Most of their meeting and adventures of the day are highly classified but suffice it to say, they met, spent a little bit of time together, exchanged packages, got some civi clothes and ate Chili's in the car.

I cannot thank you, my dear friend enough!  I ruv you Risa Runjah!

Another note for the week - 'dawg's good friend KM stopped by last week with an early Christmas gift for our family.  When I opened the bag I cried

Her thoughtfulness and kind words about making sure he could watch his princess open her presents on Christmas day melted my cold heart!

So thankful for my good friends, and for 'dawg's good friends looking out for our family and showing us such love!
(I'm thinking this will be the pic for Sissy's flat daddy - thoughts?)


Cherie said...

That is so cool! If he can't get home the packages from home are the next best thing!

Terri Ferran said...

I think it's the perfect picture for Sissy's flat daddy!

LKP said...

i like that pic for her flat daddy. :) glad to know he got those extra Christmas goodies. what a good lisa friend you have! :)

hey i still need YOUR address and Dawg's new address. I have 2 Christmas cards to send, and i've got no specifics on where to send them!

love you.

tammy said...

You are surrounded by good people. I like that.