Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wramblings - late Thursday night edition

It's 9:25pm and I am still awake.  Barely.  But this is so far past my bedtime that I am starting to feel nauseated from exhaustion.

I recently colored my hair very dark and trimmed off an inch and a half.  Been toying with the idea of  going back short for awhile now.  Think I am going to pull the trigger.  Picture a razor cut a-line.  Maybe.

So puppy hungry I could cry.  I can't seem to find the right little guy, but getting famished for puppy love. 

I have bought a couple of Christmas presents.  I am almost done.

Christmas is very low key this year.

Why does this time of year bring such happiness and such sadness all at the same time?  Is it just because emotions are much more fragile and on hyperdrive?

I think so.

Working in St George is taking it's toll on me.  They are such long days.  Add in the travel hours, and how far behind I get on my regular work and I end up so stressed I can hardly stand it.  I seriously started working at 7:30 this morning and just stopped about an hour ago.  I'm tired.  Tomorrow bodes no better.

I think my toe is broken.  It has bothered me since the marathon and I finally pinpointed the problem.  It doesn't hurt to run though, so I really don't care.

Speaking of running, I got 5.5 miles in today on the freaking dreadmill. 

I hate the dreadmill

I am signed up for the Grand Slam next year.   4 marthons in the season.  I really need to get training.

A busy weekend coming up.  A talk with Sissy's mom to figure out some more stability in her life.  Christmas parties. Stake Conference and of course work.  I have so much more to catch up on.

I finally got some time to look at my reader.  I have it to a manageable number.  My problem is I want to read and  comment on every post and realistically I can't.  That bums me out.

I exhausted and going to bed.


Plain Jame said...

That is late for you. I've seen you up that late (sherlock holmes) and you get silly.

I know what you mean about a certain sadness that comes with the joy of the Christmas season. Right now I am in the most joyful time - my kids are little and it's magical. The rest of my life will be a time looking back on this very year and the few more to come. It's magic, and I dont take it for granted!

You should look up my dad when you go to St. George. Jim in telecom.

Becca said...

4 Marathons!!!!!
Are you crazy or just delusional?
I'm curious to know which ones.

tammy said...

I think they should fly you to St. George.

I'm so far behind in blogging and my Reader. So far.

I hope Sissy's mom is open to whatever you propose to her. Sissy needs you and your influence.

carma said...

did you decide to go with the haircut - I'd love to see it!!!

Erin said...

I don't like driving to St. George, and it's only 45 minutes away! I'm so sorry that it is hard for you.

I'm working on chipping away my reader!

tiburon said...

I hate it when you travel.

Please don't do it anymore.

CountessLaurie said...

I know what you mean. That is why I am commenting two weeks later...