Friday, July 9, 2010

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have said, or heard or just thought in my head

You're bogarting all my good ideas!

I'm not hungry anymore.  The bile rising in my throat has now taken care of that.

You look as bad as I feel.

We can't be having any kind of sentimental moment right now.

I'd rather sit here and look at your Mickey

Did any of you see the Mac truck that ran over me?

I didn't mean anything personal.
Too late - personal taken

This isn't called ADULT conference.

I was hoping for an anorexic day today.  Thanks for helping me out.

Spend a few minutes with me and you'll either leave laughing your butt off, or crying for brain bleach.

No need to put sunscreen on my neck, I've got a mullet.


Uptown Girl said...

crying for brain bleach?? stop Bogarting me. jk. I love hearing that Bogart line (even tho I never really understand it fully... pls explain??)

Mae Rae said...

I think it would be my butt. Okay, I know it would be my butt. Mullet...oh that one is funny to really is.

Garden of Egan said...

I totally look forward to these. I sometimes am stunned what comes out of your mouth or brain. Then again, I think it seems totally normal.
I love it!
I would love to have an anorexic day too.
Invite me over when you have that anorexic party. I'll bring the water.

tammy said...

Anorexic days are so overrated.

My good ideas are always bogarted.

Missy said...

Mullet? No!!!! This is too funny!

Chief said...

well shit.. Justin made the cur this week...

I never have...