Sunday, July 18, 2010

A few days with Sissy and lessons learned

Blah, blah, blah - another stupid post about her granddaughter and all the dumb pictures.  Blah, blah blah.

Yep.  So click mark as read and move along.  I realize that I am usually the only one highly amused by this precocious 3 year old, and I'm okay with it.  Besides, it's my blog.

Lesson 1 -  I'm not sure she has any girlie in her at all.

All Friday evening, she hung out in the dirt garden. Digging, flinging, scooping, and running her toes and fingers through all the dirty dirtness.  A clean freak - she is not.  Let her play outside with the balls, the dirt, the cars, and the sprinkler and she is a happy girl.

Lesson 2 - Give her some spare time, scotch tape and a screwdriver and she can fix whatever might be ailing Buzz.  Whether Buzz realizes or not, that he has an ailment.

She asked me to fix him so I did the screwdriver thing and made him Spanish for a few minutes, much to her delight. 

Lesson 3 -  While for the most part, the girl is fearless, she got it into her brain that she would "dwown" if she went into the water.  After some re-programming, she was soon happy as a fish in the pool with Poppa at the Ward Swim Party. 

(you have a life jacket, honey, you can't dwown)
(testing the waters)

(no life jacket for a minute)

(running on the sidewalk until the lifeguard hollered at her)

(having so much fun)

(water basketball)

(hang time)

(Mimi - I wanna woot beew fwoat)

(running around some more with other little friends)

(so much fun with Poppa)


(With her Daddy)

("Mimi - I need doze gwasses")

Let the record state that there are two circumstances in which one should not be in a public pool with others.  Ward people and Work people.  It's kinda crossing a line. But for something REALLY funny to read about public pools - go see what Cheeseboy has to say.  Dude is hysterical! Even if his name is Cheese of which we all know how I feel about.

Lesson 4 - She loves me and I love her

And that is what matters the most of all!


Wonder Woman said...

3 year olds are just about the funnest year-olds ever. And I agree -- ward swim parties might be crossing the line.

dubb and dawni said...

she is so stinkin cute the post about her! They make me smile!!

Cherie said...

She is really really cute - I can't think of a reason why you wouldn't want to blog about her continuously!

Missy said...

She is Beautiful!
I need to buy stock in Scotch Tape! On long car rides, tape saves my sanity! LOL

tiburon said...

Two things:

1. That sissy is a keeper.

2. Millie has the exact same suit. We have terrific taste ;)

Gloria (The Mamafamilias) said...

Just so's ya know:

a) The only reason y'all don't cover your eyes and scream "Not AGAIN" on my blog is because I decided to put the grandchildren on a private one; (then again, maybe you DO scream and cover your eyes)

b) Love to see a youngun in the dirt - a dirty child is a happy child - that's what bathtubs are for;

c) Love the swimsuit - too, too cute, and the gwasses;

d) My granddaughter loves "root beera", so we understand the woot beew fwoat need;

Grandbabies make life worth living - even when they're having a running, screaming hissy fit (like mine just had before she left here - she deserved an Oscar for it).

Thanks for letting us share yours.

tammy said...

I love Sissy posts. I have never, nor will I ever, go to a ward swim party. There is just something not right about that. And I wanna woot beew fwoat too.

Loralee and the gang... said...

My goodness she has your expressions! So cute. And I love that she plays in the dirt. Reminds me of me when I was that age...and still now. But none of my 3 girls loves the dirt like me...maybe I'll get a dirt-lovin' granddaughter one day like yours!

Lindsay said...

She is WAY to cute.

Vanessa said...

Every time I go to the pool (which is less then 1/4 mile away from my house) it's like a ward party. I hate it.

And remember Sissy's unfortunate haircut a while back? She has rebounded from that and is as cute as can be. And, I think she looks like you a little bit :)

Vanessa said...

Not that she was ugly w/an unfortunate haircut...but you know what I mean, right?

Mae Rae said...

i didn't run and I didn't scream but I did check out that little tomboy that you have. Se is absolutely adorable and who could expect less.

wendy said...

Well, being a grandma myself, you have permission to post about your grand daughter any time you want.

what is more wonderful then hugs and kisses from our grandkids

I don't much like swimming either cause I think I'll dwown just like she did.

Oh and I have an Indian name for you....Running Deer Who is Afraid of Cheese (except I don't think Indians had cheese, but I had to throw that in there)

Garden of Egan said...

She is a doll!!!!!
Did she get her woot bear fwoot?
That's what I wanna know.

You sorta look cute holding her. I think everyone should have a 2 or 3 year old grandchild. (I happen to have both)
They are the cutest things in the world. You are bound together fighting the common enemy...the parents!

Pedaling said...

blah, blah, blah,,,,,

another post on MY site of a family trip, with pictures galore....suck it up people---it's why we started our blogs in the first place, right.

sometimes i want to re-name my site,
"the brag blog"

Sue said...

I'm queen of complaints here

love the gwasses!!! I need a new pair

ward swimming parties should be outlawed...


I would never pass up a chance to read about an adorable 3 year old. I do have my fair share of those around here.
Lesson 4 is my favorite!!

carma said...

Well, she is just precious. Love her smile. And it looks like she had a wonderful day with Poppa at the pool. Hey, how did you get out of going in the water. Have you been referring to my list of pool excuses 'cuz I've got at least 100 reasons why I don't want to go in the pool. Or maybe you just hopped out to take some pics?

Am I overanalyzing this?te

Just SO said...

Oh. my. word. That child is adorable! And I see at least 1/4 of my ward every time I go swimming.

Martha H. said...

So cute!!! Love the fact that she needed to wear the goggles.