Monday, July 26, 2010

USMC - Reporting for Duty - FAKE OUT!

Total venting post.  Complete and total venting.  No one wants to read this cranky drivel, so clickety mark read and move on to something more entertaining, uplifting and fun.  M-Cat's pissed and it's not pretty.

Planned on reporting to MEPS at 0900.  Kept Sissy a little longer so she could be a part of it.  All but Luka were ready to go. 
Get a text, 1000 will be better. 
Work some from home - attempt to keep Sissy clean and entertained.

Make it to MEPS at 1000.  Ring buzzer to be allowed entrance.  Told will send someone right out.
Wait for many minutes in the hot sun.
Ring buzzer again.
Someone comes out - wands us all - including Sissy before we are allowed in the doors.

Enter MEPS - picture DMV without the white trash.  The people in MEPS are all the epitome of hard working, young people.

Check in, get visitors badge. Find  a place to sit.
'dawg emerges from a back room.  There is a problem with his last piece of paperwork getting processed. Might not go.  Will know within the hour.  He returns to his back room, we start trying to entertain Sissy.

People watch.  Recruits from every branch.  Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, Navy, Army.  Young people.  Some families obvio in the same situation as we are.

Wander around playing with Sissy.
'dawg emerges again.  Still no word.  Not looking good.  Frustration evident.
M-Cat praying the paperwork gets approved. 
Sissy doing the pee-pee dance.
Public restroom debacle. "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING WITH YOUR HANDS!"

Find 1.25 in change and get diet pepsi.  Splenda pacing.  Tuffy attempting to sleep.  Sissy bored but being very well behaved.  M-Cat nerves. 

'dawg returns with a Marine officer.  Words like:  So sorry, paperwork going to take a few days to process, better communication next time.......possibly next sorry, not going today.


I understand the need for dottted i's and crossed t's.  But really?  Here he is, mentally ready to go. Do you know what that takes?  Goodbyes are said.  He has worked his butt off to get everything his recruiter demanded of him.  He's ready to serve.  Ready to give his very all, and nope.  Paperwork.  A small piece of paper standing between him and where he needs to be.  A piece of a dead tree really.

No one can even speak as we leave MEPS.  I buckle Sissy in her car seat, kiss her goodbye and I leave in my car for work.  Splenda drops 'dawg and Tuffy at home, Sissy to her mother and goes into the office.

I cry all the way to work.  I just don't understand.  What can possibly be so hard about the paperwork?  You've got a young man walking away from his life to give his country, his GOVERNMENT,  4 frickin years of his life.  Sacrificing time with his daughter, his brothers, his friends, and because of a little friggin piece of're telling that boy - no.  Don't want you yet.

And to top it off?  Maybe we'll go through this all over again next week.  Maybe the week after that.  Who knows?

Later this evening, his recruiter posted a message telling 'dawg that his new set date is 8/23.
I don't believe anything.  I won't believe it until I actually see it.  Another recruit commented on the FB thread noting that he has been given FOUR different "for sure" dates already going back as far as April.  I'm am glad I am not that boy's mother.

The frustration level at M-Cat's house is at threat level RED. 

I love the Marine's, I do.  But right now, I don't believe them.

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