Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm having a Flashback! Did I actually go to a concert or two?

Or maybe my flashback is because it's Friday, or it's the huge cookie that I ate, that my body now says no bueno to.


So I'm toodling around on FaceBook today and in my news feed was a convo between a friend and one of HER other friends.  The words Van Halen and Jump, well........JUMPED out at me! 

Next thing I knew, I was not sitting at my desk pretending to work, instead I was back in 1984(ish), with Splenda, in our bad-A charger, cruising along with VH cranked.  I was singing and jumping with David Lee Roth and the boys!  I had a special move everytime the word JUMP was sung.  NGL - it's a pretty sweet move.  Pretend that you can see me.  It's so awesome.  I should be given an award.

I'm not a concert goer.  I would rather got to dinner 13 times than spend the same amount of money on a concert ticket.  I buy the CD, load to my podder and call it good.  I know, I am so LAME!  However, in our early married years, we did a few concerts.  Van Halen being the first one we ever went to together!  I remember sitting in the old Salt Palace (you Salt Lakers will know what I am talking about), and rocking out with a bunch of stoners who for some reason kept passing things down the aisle. Oh the good ole days when folks were so sharing and giving.


Our seats weren't bad, but they weren't the best.  And since I enjoy the motto of "Go big or go home"  or loosely translated "Be the best or don't waste your time",  or even " Win at all costs" I was determined that the next concert I go to, I was sleeping out for tickets.  Yes, I said sleeping out.  That's what we did when dinosaurs roamed the earth, we slept out on the sidewalk in front of the Salt Palace forming a line until the ticket office opened.  I was going to do what it took to NOT have anyone in my way at another concert.  I would be the one that others looked at jealously because of my awesome seats.  Yeah, I'm pretty much just.that.mean.

A year or so later, another favorite band announced a tour.  These guys:
Yeah, you KNOW it!

 ZZ Top!

Splenda worked nights so my BIL and I went early, found a piece of pavement behind a few other sickos such as ourselves and parked our carcasses down.  With some sleeping bags and lounge chairs.  On the freaking downtown streets of Salt Lake!  Crazy.  Pure and simple.  Crazy.

At any rate - I got 3rd row, center seats.  Best ever!  And to top it off, the night we went to the concert, is the same day I found out I was pregnant with my oldest - 'dawg.  Maybe that's why he has the same competitive attitude.  And the fact that he can grow a mean beard if he wanted to!

Let's not discuss the other two concerts that Splenda and I decided to attend within the first year or two of marriage.  Lionel Richie and Ratt don't deserve conversation.  Not even the mere fact that we walked out of both of them.  Early.


CountessLaurie said...

Ahhh, good times! I fell in love with VH shortly after the 84 tour (previously I listened to Michael Jackson - oh the shame and horror) and then they promptly broke up. I did later see Eddie and Alex VH with Sammy Hagar and separately David Lee wishing they could all be California Girls... but alas, never together... a big regret in my young life.

I also LOVED Ratt. But I was young and stupid and sheltered in Suburbia with no taste :-) (This may also explain my fascination with Edward?)

I still love me a good big hair ballad. Makes me weepy every time!!

"can't you see my standing here, I got my back against the record machiiiiine"

Cheeseboy said...

I've seen ZZ Top, but they were way past their prime. And Ratt does not deserve mention?! I am not sure that have ever disagreed with any statement more.

Teachinfourth said...

Who doesn't love Van Halen? The music they write has me Dancing on the Ceiling. I mean Hello...

As for Ratt; they did have that ONE good song.

Too bad the video is horrible. Oh well, Say You, Say Me. I could listen to VH All Night Long. After all, it's got me Running with the Night.

wendy said...

I LOVE your competitive spirit. I am totally competitive too --even to the cheating, crazy do whatever I need to WIN. (confession)
I hate the $$$ spent on concerts too.
One of my very first was while attending Ricks College (not even call it that anymore, so lame) to Kenny Rogers and the First Edition. That was before Kenny Rogers was a name of his own and pre-face lifts.
Then The Fifth Dimension at BYU
Went and saw Neil Sedaka when married to hubby #1
Went and saw Michael Boulton at the (yes) Salt Palace with a bunch of girl friends and his PRE act was Celine Dion....before she was REALLY Celine.
Then a couple of years ago me and hubby #2 (yes I know, sounds pathetic) went and saw (because I begged) Donny and Marie in Las Vegas. I LOVED IT.
We scored on some really good tickets and I almost touched Donny's leg.

So as a rule, I don't
"sleep out on the sidewalks" for tickets or sell my body (going pretty cheap these days)
But I kinda like the atomosphere

tammy said...

At first I thought you said Hotflash.

Did you know that Eddie Van Halen was my boyfriend?

Next time I see you I would like to see the sweet move you do please.

Luvpilot and I were at one of VH concerts at the Salt Palace. Wouldn't it be weird if we were at the same one? Loved it except we were on the floor and it was standing only. Not my fave place to be. In the process of getting squished and groped, I lost a shoe and my bra came undone on it's own. I still love them. And I love that Taylor is really into 80's rock. Great memories!

Pedaling said...

I knew you had it in you, back in the day!

Cherie said...

Thanks for the sweet flashbacks!
I would have loved to see your bee-atchin moves to Van Halen!! ha Ha Bands were just better back in the day!!
I slept all night on the sidewalk in front of the Salt Palace for Journey/Brian Adams - It was a Kick-A concert and I love the memory of sleeping out on the sidewalk. Kids these days don't know what they are missing!!


Awwww sweet memories, love VH. My girlfriends and I in high school thought we were so cool in my friends Moms chevy station wagon rockin with VH and others. OH, we were LAMO...... I guess what matters is we knew we were cool then, right?

Missy said...

I LOVE ZZ Top! I haven't been to a concert in 15 years or so!

Mae Rae said...

oh the days...we did a Battle of the Bands in high school where we lip sunc(?) or is it synced(?) and in 1985 most of the bands were doing Van Halen. Of course back then most of us owned the pants that David Lee Roth used to wear.

tiburon said...

Oh how I wish I had gone to a Van Halen concert!