Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

Oy VAY! (jewish for holy crap)  What a week!  Serio (borrowing some slang from her). 

My legs have almost completely recovered from Saturday's run. I can walk without a limp anymore.  Yay me.

My neck however is a different story.  I had a cortisone injection Wednesday and literally had tears on the table.  That thing HURT! I've had injections for my lower back before and sure, they aren't a cake walk, but this time doc says I am so inflamed in that area that it took much more to get the injection in.  Good thing I like this doc and his staff.  They were nice and didn't mock me at all for my tears and whining.  BUT - I am extremely proud of myself - not ONE swear word passed my lips.  So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Now I lay on ice 24/7.  I usually am too cold for this nonsense, but it is helping so much that I don't care.  I am a fan of ice.  There should be some group or fan page or something like that on FB.

I was working today, and my email box was clean so I had a few minutes and decided to catch up on my google reader.  While reading one of my all time favorite people (IRL too), I closed the window and wouldn't you know it - it spammed a whole bunch of windows.  Computer was FREAKING out.  I tried to end task.  No help.  I shut down and rebooted.  Now I can't get into my internet at all.  Most of my work programs will not run without the net.  I spent 20 minutes with tech support and after he tried everything up his magic sleeve, told me I would have to wait to get it fixed when I come back to the office tomorrow.  Rut Roh. .....yeah......sorry employer that I think I got a virus or broke my internet or something from dinking around while working.  But I SWEAR TO YOU - I was caught up on work!! Just had a few minutes of down time.  Crap.

I sure love my Mini Cooper.  He is a dream!  I still haven't named him although many of you and other friends and family have given me great suggestions, I just haven't found anything that fits. 

Speaking of my car.  So I am making a left hand turn in a two turn lane right?  I follow the truck in front of me and we hop right over to the far right lane.  No biggie right?  Do it a gazillion times.  See everyone and their mother do it.  Wouldn't you know it, there is a WV cycle cop right there and he waves both me and the truck over.  CRAP!  He talks to the driver of the truck for a few minutes and then comes to talk to me.   He asks me if I know why he waved me over, I told him I thought it was because of going to the far lane on the turn.  Yep.  And he has been assigned to ENFORCE THIS TODAY!   I hang my head, nod slowly as he asks for my license and registration.  I have my old vanity plates on, but I still need some paperwork from the DMV to make them official, I explain this and hand him the registration, and my temp tag that I have put in the super secret glove box.  When he watched me open the SSGB - he was, let's just say, I.M.P.R.E.S.S.E.D.  He leans in on my passenger window and starts chatting.  The offense is a 105.00 moving violation citation, but he is gonna see if he can "dig around" and find something less to cite me for.  Okay, I think.  Nice man.  He points out that I haven't signed the registration.  It's ticky tack and his cop friends will think he is a dirtbag, but he could cite me with that and it would only be 55.00 and not a moving violation so no points on my record.  I'm all like, that would be okay, geez, thanks sir.  He goes back to the truck taking my info with him and spends about 5 - 10 minutes talking to the lady in the truck.  He finally comes back to me and with a kind expression on his face, informs me that today was my lucky day and since the lady in the truck was whiny, she gets the ticket, and he is gonna let me go.  Scott free.  HOWEVER, it wouldn't look good for me to just pull away, so he said he would wait until the other driver left and turned the corner and then I was good to go.  So he leaned in my passenger window scribbling on his citation pad, pretending to write a ticket and all, and made some small talk with me.  I shared my grieving about Mr Steinbrenner but since Police officer wasn't a sports fan, that dead-ended.  Instead, he asked how I liked my mini-cooper.....etc...etc.  When the truck was finally out of sight, he stepped back handed me all my paperwork and said have a nice day.  Can you say DODGED A BULLET?!?!  Thank you again, Mr Very Nice WV Police Officer.

Speaking of George Steinbrenner.  He died yesterday.  I was going to do a whole post on our beloved Yankees owner.  How I swapped our the American Flag for our Yankees flag for the day. How I called each of my children and asked them to please hold a moment of silence at 12noon, with their heads bowed in reverence,  in honor of Daddy Warbucks.  And then I turned on the news and every single media outlet was above and beyond about Steinbrenner so I decided not to rehash it all.  Besides, my family has mocked me.  I realize I need to move on.

Got a big ride coming up Saturday!  Tour de Donut.  A gaggle of my besties are doing it together.  We formed a team called the Donut Diva's.  The ride is 20 miles.  After the first 5, you stop, eat as many donuts as you can keep down and then get back on the bike.  For every donut you keep down, they shave 3 minutes off your time.  How fun is THAT?!  It'll be most fun watching every else shovel donuts in their pieholes. 

And now, this talk of donuts has my stomach growling.  Splenda Daddy should be home any minute.  I wonder what he's fixing for dinner.


Missy said...

Speaking of Scott free, I was behind a truck today, we were both speeding. A trooper heading toward us turned on his lights. Mr. Truck immediately pulled over and I kept on going. What was the cop going to do? Expect Mr. Truck to stay there and wait while he ran me down! No! I just cruised on and counted my blessings. I am also looking over my shoulder for Mr. Truck! LOL

Pedaling said...

Oh, that is great....see, let that be a lesson to all--whining never pays!

I don't know if I would call the donut ride a "BIG Ride" but fun and fattening...wish I could be at 2 places at once.

Your poor body- the things it goes through...maybe you should swim more than run. We all know how much you love that chlorinated water and all! ;)

tammy said...

It's Wednesday already?

You really dodged a bullet. Lucky girl. And, for the record, it really bugs me when people turn like that. I've put it on myself to try and make people follow that rule. But I hate whiners more than people who don't turn right.

Mmm...donuts....I was having lunch right by Krispy Kremes today so I decided to be the favorite mom and bring some home. Yay me.

I always think of George Costanza when I think of Steinbrenner.

And I love Pedaling, too. I need to come up there and we all need to go eat some Cafe Rio together.

carma said...

I remember the day that Billy Martin died. I was totally bummed. Used to love to watch him and the yankees. I still remember wearing the "Billy's Back" shirt I got after he returned for the second or third time to manage. I feel ya on Steinbrenner.

I swear I would not have considered that move a violation. pffffffft. Soooooo jealous that you got a cool cop though. there are not many like that around here *understatement*

are you sure that race was worth it? Being buried in ice all day would make me darn grumpy.

Cherie said...

Wow! You really got lucky - SssWwweeeeeTtt!
Glad the ice made you feel better - My son has to ice his pitching arm every night too.
I have never had to ice anything...HhhmmMmmmm

Erin said...

I love the story of how you owned up to what you did, didn't whine, and didn't get a ticket. I'll keep that in mind if I get pulled over!

Sorry about your beloved Daddy Warbucks.

Cheeseboy said...

I knew what "Oy VAY!" meant because I am half Jewish.

I really, really want a mini cooper, or a smart car, or a mini smart car. I don't care, as long as it is small. Your description of your love for it makes me want one more.

tiburon said...

I think since the Cooper is Yankee Blue he should be named George. In honor of Daddy Warbucks.

Johnny Sengmanichanh said...

you better not be swimming.

Natalie said...

I can totally see you driving a mini cooper. Sorry about the neck shot. OUCH! Next time I get pulled over, I will use your strategy of not whining :)

Mae Rae said...

omheavens to betsy. I just read tib and agree as much as i am not a yank(sk)...darn it can't even say it right, sorry but i do like George...and then you can hug him and squeeze him and call him george.

Yup! thats my story

Chief said...

uh.. how many tickets do you get in a year?

CountessLaurie said...

Nice dodge, ma'am...

I was looking for a Steinbrenner post. I am sorry your family mocked you...