Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

There are ribs slow cooking in my oven right now, and they smell so good I am literally salivating in my mouth.  You know that sweet spot right on your jaw that let's the juices flow?  Yeah, they're flowing. 

I don't much care for press secretary Robert Gibbs.  Is it just me or does he kinda seem a little creepy?  I sorta feel like I need to wash up after I see him on TV.  Yuck.  I would also like to smack the constant smirk off his face.  But, maybe it's just me.

'dawg got word last night that Monday will likely be his leave date.  MEPS for his last IST testing and then board the bus and buh-bye.  Seems like that snuck up kinda fast.  Gonna have a family get together Saturday night. I hope they take him Monday and don't drag it out another week.  Could ya toss that into your prayers if your the praying kind?

Got in the pool for the first time since my injection and since my last triathlon.  I can't rotate on my right side on account of the herniated disc, so I tried to breathe on my left.  Didn't go so well.  I think I will prolly be doing the next two triathlons with the breast stroke.  It's my go-to stroke.  Not as fast as freestyle, but I'll make do.

A buddy gave 'dawg the book The Art of War - The Definitive interpretation of Sun Tzu's classic book of Strategy, by Stephen F Kaufman. Hanshi 10th Dan.  I've been reading it.  It is brutal.  Not much more I can say about it, other than it's straight up brutal. 

Splenda Daddy and I saw Inception this week.  He had gone with the boys last weekend, while I stayed home with Sissy, so it was my turn Monday.  What a great show!  Really, REALLY good.  In fact, I am gonna see it again so I can catch the little things I missed the first time.  Such a clever story.  Go see it!

So my little trek family (minus the Bird) are coming to the house for our Celestial BBQ - gotta go put the finishing touches on everything.  I freaking LOVE those kids!


tammy said...

I've wanted to smack that smirk off of Robert Gibbs face from day one. Can't stand the man. He's a total sleaze ball.

Prayers for 'dawg. Always.

I wish I was going to your house for dinner instead of mine.

Missy said...

He is creepy!
I will be praying for your son and your family!

Erin said...

Recipe for the ribs please?

I have been wanting to see Inception. Hopefully before it comes out on dvd.

Cherie said...

The ribs sound yummy! Passing on the drooling...

I can't wait to see Inception! My oldest is coming home this weekend and so we are all waiting to see it together - it sounds like a good one!

Trek Family - The best!!

Cherie said...

When I said "Passing on the drooling" what I meant was - the thought of the ribs is making me drool too!

Garden of Egan said...

I love that your trek kids are coming over.
What a fun ma you must have been. I wanna come over and have some ribs.

Sorry about the ribs (yours, not the ones in the oven).

You're gonna do the breast stroke instead? Really?
Is there a sink to the bottom stroke? Cuz if there was, that would be what I'm doing.

Cheeseboy said...

I've got to see Inception. You are only the 8,000 person to tell me that.

The breast stroke is the most underrated of all the strokes.


Will definately keep Dawg in our prayers.
ummmm, no fair taunting us with that yummy food and then telling us some one else is going to eat it with you... ENJOY:)
Frozen pizza is all gone at our house, Jelous?

Johnny Sengmanichanh said...

Take it easy. Stay out of the water!!!!!

Pedaling said...

gotta go see that movie, it's quite the buzz!

Bobby Gibbs is an idiot.

Now, about those ribs....

Mrs. Organic said...

Mr. O won't see it since Leo is on a whole nutha politcal plain from him - so I took my son. He loved it. I think I need to watch it again.

A celestial BBQ sounds divine.