Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mini Cooper of Murray - HOW I LOVE YOU!!!

Remember my new ride?  The one I love so much?

So yeah, the check engine light came on in my NEW TO ME Mini Cooper (name to finally be revealed at the end of the post), and it was sputtering when it started.  Rut roh!  Crap-a-doodle!

I dutifully called the dealership and asked if I had to have an appointment to bring it in for service. I was told yes.  I asked when could I bring it in.  I was told August 11th.  HOLY HANNAH!  Are you freaking kidding me?  I said, "Are you SERIOUS?  You mean to tell me that my car could be totally broken down and I would have to wait clear until the 11th?"  The poor person on the other end of the phone took a few long seconds to answer me (I'm sure he was rolling his eyes at the crazy lady), and said that if I could leave it there, I could drop it off and hope for a cancellation and it get in sooner.

Hmmmm......let's see.  I can't drive it.  At least, my owners manual says I shouldn't.  So it could either sit in the garage until the 11th or it could sit at the dealership and I might get lucky with a cancellation.  Choice seemed pretty clear to me.

Yesterday morning, I parked in the service area, and walked in to a gentleman behind a desk.  I explained what I was told on the phone and he kinda looked a little incredulously at me (more like 'your frickin crazy lady).  In fact, he asked who I talked to that told me I could leave it. I dunno know, I tell him.  He opens a drawer to show me all the car keys of the people who are ahead of me.  People who have appointments.  I think he was making the point that any idea of getting it looked at earlier was a joke.

At any rate, I left it, had the Shark pick me up and take me to work and I fell into depression knowing my beloved car was sitting all alone in a dealership parking lot.  I was now stuck driving the Molly the Mustang or the Pete the Pathfinder.  I love them but NOT  like I love my Mini.

Fast forward to this afternoon when I received this email:

Your MINI is ready!

Just let me know when you would like to pick it up.
 Levi Vxx Xxxxxxx
MINI of Murray

I could hardly believe it!  As soon as Tuffy emerged from the Man Cave I had him and his GF take me over to the dealership. 

I walked into the friendly face I've ever seen!  Levi himself - right there -with my car ALL GOOD TO GO!

He explained what the issue was -some engine misfiring.  I sheepishly asked if it could have possibly have come from me running to just about bone dry before filling the tank.  Yeah, I totally pulled a Kramer.  It has this cool computer that tells me how many miles I have before the tank is empty and I just kept pushing it.  it was a small adrenaline rush......but I digress.

He gave me my paperwork, explaining that they also saw that my brakes needed some service and then also did a general overall inspection.  I again reiterated at how shocked I was that it was done so quickly, when just yesterday I was given the impression that no way in hades would I be hearing from them before the 11th.  Know what?  Levi had guys work late yesterday.  YES!!  I KNOW!!!!  I was a tich tempted to kiss him, but instead told him that he officially was getting a HUGE shout out on the old blog!

A cute young man brought my beloved Mini up front, and I was out of there giddy as 16 year old who just got asked to the prom!

Ahhhhh, my Mini.  I love him.  I do.  I've finally named him.  Benny.  As in Benny the Jet.  Sing it now....
Ba ba ba Benny!  Ba ba ba Benny!  Ba ba ba Benny is the Jet!
And to Levi and his crew at Mini of Murray - you now have a loyal and dedicated customer who will sing your praises any chance she can get.

*note:  I was in no way compensated by Mini of Murray - I just now REALLY love the dudes!*


Cheeseboy said...

Mini of Murray is about a mile from my house. No wonder they were so good. Also, I saw a mini the exact same color as yours the other day. Your license doesn't happen to be "blubery" does it?

Garden of Egan said...

Hilariousness! Glad you were able to be the commercial and spokesperson of Mini of Murray.

You should have laid a big wet one on him!

tammy said...

Yayness! I love when people actually go out of their way to do something nice. Love the name. And everytime I see a Mini, I think of you.

Teachinfourth said...

That is so cool; when people go out of their way to help you, it makes you want to be nice to everyone around you, doesn't it?

I'm glad your car was fixed quickly and you weren't landlocked. That is the worst thing ever.

Jewls said...

Oh M-Cat you crack me up! Oh, and ummmm...we drive our car with the engine light on all the time! Isn't that normal? I thought it was only bad if it was blinking? Yikes, good thing the Zipster is old....and old to us!

" Hit It......." said...

I knew I liked you! That car is so cute! Glad it was nothing serious.

Mae Rae said...

Yippee! I hate when it is serious, especially since you just got it.

Merri Ann said...

Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head all day...

Love the name of the car ... My car is not cute. It needs a big huge name like the Hulk ... or perhaps something more clever.

And, I hope "Cheeseboy" is not a stalker ...

Martha H. said...

I'm so glad that Benny is back home where he should be.

Hooray for the guys at Mini of Murray. Way to step up to the plate.

Vanessa said...

The dealership did something nice? That is a miracle.

And as you were pulling a "Kramer", did you hold hands with Splenda and scream as you drove on to see how far you could get with a teeny amount of gas?

Pedaling said...

Yay for Mini of Murray!


I have had some cathcing up to do.
I love the Marines too, but seriously... I bet your family will not mind another reason to get together again soon.
Live in AZ, Nuff said
Go Mini of Murray. Great name for the Cooper. My boy Bubba AKA Cooper thinks he must be so cool if they will name a car after him. I did not name him after the car but I guess it would not have been a bad idea:)

Cherie said...

OK first I cannot believe that they would make you wait so long for your car (if you hadn't been lucky like you!). I mean what if that was your only means of transportation, etc...waiting weeks is too long.
But with that said, SO glad they were able to get your Benny in and got him all fixed up!

Timmy Radloff said...

Wow! I’m really stunned! My Mini Cooper looks exactly like yours. I hope you’re having fun with your Mini Cooper like I am. Stay safe!

-Timmy Radloff