Thursday, December 20, 2012

Today's Post of a word......Peace

Ever read something that sinks right down into your heart?  And then like, sits there for a bit feeling real comfortable and all?   You notice your eyes and nose start dripping with that salty discharge stuff, your insides get all squinky, and next think you know........peace.

Well I did this morning and the feeling is too exquisite not to share.  I hope you'll click the link.  Read his post.  Click and read the link inside his post and then let that feeling sink deep down, nestling right into your very soul where you cannot deny truth.

I thank God that I stumbled on this dude's blog and I stuck around (even if it was just too bring sarcasm) because right now...  Today... This moment..  he posted words that I needed to hear.

Even if you're not of my same faith, or have experienced suicide of someone close, or deal with mental or emotional disabilities within your inner are a human being and the message is for everyone.

Middle-Aged Mormon Man nails it:  CLICK HERE

Peace and blessings


tammy said...

Great post. Thanks for linking to it.

Vatermann said...

Great endorsement, mCat. I'm glad I found his blog too.

Garden of Egan said...

Hugs M.