Thursday, December 6, 2012

St Thomas Day 5 - chillaxing and shopping

We knew Wednesday was another day for several ships to be in port so we purposely planned on sticking to the resort and chillaxin nearby.

Let's start with a couple of hours in the sun....

After sufficient sun soaking, we cleaned up, relaxed some more and then decided to hit town and see what shopping was like.  On the walk there, we saw/heard part of a mongoose and then this bad boy:

Okay....the shopping.   First off - not as bad as Mexico with the constant hounding you to "come into my shop" but I can't figure out why they need 18 different jewelry stores.  Not that I counted, so I can't be exact with that number, but holy smokes people!  THAT many jewelry stores?  Sheesh!  But we found other fun shops as well.
Splenda Daddy's least favorite thing to do - go browsing among shops

Right here in the middle of the alleyway.  WTH??

No words necessary

Also, everything is super duper expensive.  Like outrageously expensive.  With older kids, it's hard to find much in the way of a decent souvenir.  Found a little sumpin for Chloee, some more sunscreen and then off for dinner.

Seriously good food.  Nice flavor and perfectly hot!

After dinner, we hit the Green House for half price happy hour virgin cocktails and drank our dessert on the walk home.

A little time for some good old fashioned Monopoly (in which Splenda Daddy SPANKED us)
And of course, another spectacular sunset.

A perfect vacation "down" day.  Rest, relax and simple fun!


Daniyal Memon said...

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" Hit It......." said...

It looks like you guys are having a blast! You all look so relaxed. I love the picture of Tib under the sign. Very cool.

Pedaling said...

looks like the perfect getaway!
trips with your 2 best friends .... just can't beat that!

the sun and relaxation looks grand on all of you!

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wendy said...

I am so uber excited (jealous) of this wonderful trip you are having.
Sharky's Bar...awesome
the sun bathing.....Hmmmmmm
I wouldn't have thought things would be expensive though?? So darn, I guess that means you aren't picking me out a souvenier.

Remember when you were talking about the earlier morning rooster crowing. Well, I was just talking to a fellow who got back from Haiti, and He complained of the same thing. Weird

tammy said...

When the LP flew for this millionaire, he would often take last minute trips there and his wife would often buy large amounts of jewelry because the prices were supposedly amazing.

karen said...

OH... now I'm jealous. What a great time you must be having! We took a cruise down there a few years ago and had the best time! And the food is so good! Enjoy, enjoy...

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