Friday, December 14, 2012

Bingo! How to keep yourself entertained among the silliness of it all on Sunday

First  - I did not create this Bingo card.  I heard about it this morning at breakfast, my bestie sent it to me, and I am thus sharing with you.  'Cause I care.

Second - I already know how I feel about the sensitive subject that has cropped up in my church.  You can click here for a link to the story, but really it's a non-issue.   I am not interested in debating or discussing it - thus comments are going to be turned off.  If someone reading has questions that are honest and sincere, you know how to get at me.

Third - if you find yourself offended.  You chose to be.  Quit taking yourself so serious.  I posted this in the spirit of tongue-in-cheek fun.  I mean c'mon, if you can't laugh at shit, what do you have left in life huh?

Print and share...... might want to heads up your ward family members so that everyone can be prepared with their own playing markers.  I suggest skittles.

skirt wearing on Snday mCat