Saturday, December 22, 2012

SoCal - guys and girls style

Yippee!!  Chloee's Christmas sing-along program!
First thing the day....

Lot's of treats in the classroom after

Home to decorate her new ornament

Look at that smile!  I freakin love the missing teeth!!

The the guys and girls split up.  Corb and Luke took ran some errands while the Karalee, Mindy, Chloee and me went off for some lunch and shopping.

The boys took Corb's car, so we loaded in the Cooper.  As we were driving on base, out of the neighborhood, some truck behind me kept honking and making weird hand gestures behind me.  I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.
And then we noticed:

Totally drove off with my drink on the roof of my car!

Luckily, I was able to save it before we got to freeway speeds!

We headed into Carlsbad thinking that we could find a particular lunch spot.  It didn't exist anymore so we parked on one of the main little streets in the village and wandered around.  Tons of boutiques consignment shops!  Found lunch in a little deli and just enjoyed the sunshine and meandering around.

Had to get a car wash - and it was pretty magical

Our last stop in Carlsbad was the Chocolate Bar!

We met the boys at home, another stop at the MCX, Chipotle's for dinner and last minute wallyworld excursion.

So much fun packed into one day.  Love the SoCal time!

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tammy said...

Don't you just love the many faces of Chloee?