Sunday, December 9, 2012

St Thomas Day 8 Going home and all the things I learned

Hate leaving.  Okay, I shouldn't say hate, but maybe the better word would be sad.....
Our last sunrise........

Top things I learned about St Thomas and vacationing here (with some random photos thrown in):

* The local islanders that have been born and raised here don't really care about you or how you are     treated.  Their lives don't revolve around tourism, so the tourists are really kind of a bother.  Don't take it personal.

* The mainlanders that have come here to work are SUPER friendly and nice.  Their cost of living is outrageous, but they stay because they LOVE the island.

* One should address a native with a "Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Night" depending on the appropriate time of day.  You will get more friendliness from them.

* The town shuts down at 5pm at night.

* The town is dead on Sunday's.

* Best to check when all the cruise ships come in and then plan to stay away from town.  The population can triple in size on those days.

* Stick to a reputable cab company
K9 Joe taking us back to the airport

* Prepare to pay out the ying yang for every.single.thing.

* Don't rent a car.

* Don't try to walk far on the roads.  You are literally taking your life in your own hands.

* It's crazy expensive to live here so if you decide to relocate, be prepared to drain all your savings.

* It doesn't have to be so expensive, they just need better leadership to make some smarter decisions.  Sad really.
Last shot in the castle

* The Caribbean sea is the warmest, cleanest, clearest and did I mention warmest? of them all.

* It's difficult to find sea shells.

* Bartenders that relocated from the mainland don't seem to be very happy deep down inside.

* You can buy rum and cigarettes for 10 bucks and a box of cereal for 9.

* Drinking is the way of life.  Period.

* Ordering virgin drinks does not cost less.

* Roosters crow all.night.long.
Meet Matthew

* There are billions of cats on the other side of the island.

* The beaches are beautiful with white sand that is a texture close to flour

* The water is warm, especially on the Caribbean side.

* Dramamine is a girls best friend.
The cemetery's are above ground.  I would have loved to wander and look at the names.  There ia a TON of history on the islands

* Salt/Sea water is not good for your hair.

* Sunscreen and two hours laying out can cure any blues one may feel.

* There is a difference in pina colada's.  Some places are better than others.

* The cherries are the same.  Good.

* There is something to be said for just sitting quietly and listening to the waves crash.  They crash very softly in the bay's and it's more than a little calming.

* A tan line makes me happy.  In ways that most people can't understand nor can I explain.

* I love humidity.  My hair does not.

**** You know you are with good friends, when things aren't an effort.  Chatting comes easy, silence is comfortable, and laughing is sincere and natural.

****** It's never too early to begin planning one's next vacation or plotting how one can get their entire family in a tropical setting.
Trying not to cry on the plane ride home.

Seriously one of the best vacations we've ever had.  HUGE thank you and much gratitude to our friends Mr and Mrs Erickson for inviting us along.  We made some great memories that Splenda Daddy and I will cherish for the rest of our lives.  We could totally do this kind of thing again.  Let's get planning!


Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

Not even a simple shout-out to your Facebook friends who were lost without you? It's like I don't even know you anymore.

gigi said...

I loved this and so glad you got to get away and renew yourself!

mCat said...

My apologies MMM - A HUGE shout out to all my facebook friends who were lost without me! You know who you are!

Jawed Ali said...

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" Hit It......." said...

I am so glad that you had a great time. The warm weather made me jealous. :) That cemetery looks a little creepy...above ground (yuck).

wendy said...

I have never, Ever, Ever, ever, been on a trip like that (hmmm...did that just sound like a Taylor Swift song)
I am so glad you had a great time.
I truly believe laying out in the sun would be theraputic.
And listening to the waves lap at the shore.ahhhhh.
But welcome home sweety...wish we could have had that visit.

ALONETANU94 said...

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tammy said...

Sounds like my kind of town. I pretty much shut down just after 5pm too.

Sue said...

What a fun trip you had with Tib!! great memories. Loved all the food shots. Pretty Island!! Hard to come home.