Tuesday, December 4, 2012

St Thomas/St John Day 3 - Trunk Bay

Tib being the ever bestest planner, checked on when cruise ships would be hitting the harbor.  Noting that Monday was the only day that had only ONE cruise ship in either St John or St Thomas harbor's, we decided it would be a good day to take the ferry over to St John's and enjoy Trunk Bay.

We climbed down the driveway hill and caught a safari taxi to the ferry dock just in time to catch that hour's departure.  The ferry ride is only about 20 minutes so it was quick and no chance for me to get seasick.

Once on the island, we caught a safari taxi who delivered us straight to Trunk Bay.  Within minutes we had chairs rented, snorkel gear for the Erickson's procured, swimsuits donned and were walking on the beach.

Oh......this beach.  Holy SMOKES man!  I have not encountered sand like this since the first year in Cancun.  It is pure white and the consistency of flour.  Okay maybe a little more grainy than that, between flour and brown sugar.  Soft, soft and then more soft.  And it doesn't get hot.  The Bay was fairly empty, we found a spot with both sun and shade and parked our stuff.

Adam and Tib were soon off snorkeling while I laid in the sun and Splenda Daddy relaxed in the shade.   Bliss I tell you.  Pure and utter bliss!
If you look close enough, you can see Mr and Mrs Erickson snorkeling

Yes.  This is me.  Yes.  I am in heaven.

And then some storm clouds rolled in.  It started sprinkling so I moved under the trees with Splenda and we watched the clouds race by.  One thing we have learned quickly here is that the weather changes on a moments notice, so if it starts to rain, no worries - it will end just as quickly as it started.

Sure enough, 10 short minutes later, the clouds were gone, the sun was out and the beach was getting a little more populated.  The next best thing after soaking in the sun?  People watching!  I love to just relax and watch everyone else doing their thang!
Seriously! These dudes are standing in the water reading their books.  How funny...

The rentals had to be back by 3pm so we returned everything, rinsed off in some clear water showers, got dressed and headed back to a safari taxi to return us to the harbor.
One last shot of the bay as we drove away

The Harbor

Someone whose day was not as good as mine.

However, since it was still light we decided to explore St John's a little and find a place for dinner.  We wandered some little shops, people watched and then found a place called the Spyglass.  It was designed for a view of the harbor and I had some AWESOME buffalo wings!  Yes!

The sky started getting dark with more rain clouds so we caught the next hourly ferry back to St Thomas.  From there, another safari taxi back to near our hotel, and then the long hike back up the driveway.  By now it's dark, and we have come to realize that it's really not safe to be out on the streets this late.  It just isn't.  Once it's getting dusk, we need to be in.

Some late night dessert from one of the hotel restaurants, enjoying the view of Charlotte Amali from our deck and then it was officially called a day.

This, ladies and gents, is quite possibly the VERY BEST Tiramisu I have ever eaten.  Ever.

I can honestly say that Trunk Bay was one of the most beautiful beaches I have EVER been on.  Everything about it was perfection!


Mae Rae said...

I am so thrilled that you guys are having a good time.

wendy said...

ahhh, it all sound so lovely. I loved that photo of you lounging on the beach.
I really love people watching too. Crazy how that is eh.
Tiramusu is divine !!!!!!!!!!

Toseef Ahmad said...

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Ann Marie said...

Beautiful. Jealous. Beautiful. Jealous. Repeat.

tammy said...

I love the picture of you on the beach. That's a great shot. I have been known to put a chair in the water and read my book. My favorite thing to do on the beach.